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applewood sticks

our chinchillas love these chew treats! it's nice that they have a variety of widths along with the round coins to make things more interesting.

Supreme Chinchilla Carrier

Mr. Woo Gives Paw Approval!

Love the Chamomile! I mix it in with his pellets and he picks it out to eat. Thanks Quality Cage

Quality chinchilla carrier

I finally gave up and purchased an all metal carrier for my chinchilla friends as I was worried about them chewing the plastic. This is a very high quality chinchilla carrier, is well made and very sturdy. I have two minor complaints including the center divider isn't removable and the handles on the side make it so you have to carry it with two hands.

Great chinchilla wheel

My chinchilla loves this wheel. It's just the right size for her, spins smoothly and provides the exercise she needs. This is my 2nd Chin Spin wheel, the other is still going strong over 8 years later. I was very excited to see that they now come in lots of fun colors!

Too Soon to Rate

I live overseas in Macau and though the order was on June 10th. As of July 9th I still have not recieved it. I expect it will take 8 weeks to get using USPS. I wish there I had an option for Fed EX shipment


These are easy to change out & make the wheel so much quieter

Great Quality per usual!

Our chinchilla goes crazy for these things!

Cholla Wood
Cholla Wood is Good

It was amazing to see how long it took Mr. Woo to chew down the Cholla Wood to nothing. The first time I gave him one he snatched it right out of my hand. It's great for his teeth and enriches his environment. Thanks to all the hooman!!

Organic Bee Pollen

Mr. Woo finds another favorite to add to his treat list...Bee Pollen. We mix a little in with his pellets. He loves it so much he digs through the pellets to find it. Thanks for a great product!!

Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel

Chins love it! (Came slightly crooked though)

Our chinchillas never used a wheel before, but after a few days of skeptical sniffing, they now continue to run as fast as possible for as long as possible! The wheel we got was slightly crooked after installing, though. It leaned forward by about 5°-10° and was due to some/one of the mounting brackets not being bent enough to be level. We were able to get around it by rotating the mounting brackets 90° so the angle was horizontal, not vertical. Also is a bit wobbly once they start really going, but not sure if that’s just the way it is. Either way, they love it so that’s what really matters :)

Great service

I had a wonderful experience with Quality Cage! I had not heard back from them for some time so I sent a email and within 2 days they responded that my package would be delivered in the next few days, which was the case! Although not as fast of a delivery as I was expecting, I will still be doing business with them in the future as the quality of the cage was excellent!

My chinchilla loves it

The only place she will sleep. I will be ordering a second one for the top level of her cage

Mega happy

My chin loves these! Strips the bark in a matter of seconds so I usually give him a few at a time, then I leave in his cage for him to gnaw on when he gets bored.

Great wheels!

Really surprised at the craftsmanship of these wheels!

The only minor issue I have with them, is they're a tad on the big side for Degus.

They can still excersize on them just fine, however!

Highly recommend!

Best Chinchilla Cage ever built. Hand Made in USA too!

You pay for what you get. This is far superior to anything you can buy in a pet store or on a retailers website. Our Chi Chi loves it. Especially her super awesome Pink wheel.



Chinchilla Exercise Wheel

Very quiet and the chins love it..

Turn around fast and great quality

I'm so happy with this purchase, they turned about fast this time around and the quality is great.

Chin win

These are Willows absolute favorite. Every order clean and perfect.

Ninja in the Night

Our entire family is loving this wheel... it's *literally* silent! Alfie is 10, and he's a little guy! But he runs every night like he's training for a marathon, sprint intervals included!

Other wheels I've purchased for Alfie over the past 10 years were constantly wearing out after only a few weeks of use (if that). The Chin Spin is sturdy! It's obviously made with high quality materials and is very well designed.

I only wish I had found this wheel years ago so he could have had better runs all along!

Chinchilla Mansion Deluxe Bundle - Worth the Wait

Although the wait time was much longer than we anticipated, we received the cage and quality is in the name for the right reason! It is a great design and we plan to order 2 more for our other chinchillas. Hopeully the wait time is greatly reduced now and when we get the other 2 cages, all of our chinchillas will be happy!

Wooden Ledge 18"-30"
Carrie Saurer
Wooden Ledge

I have not yet received my package. The tracking number indicates that a label has been created, but the package has not shipped.

Chin Exercise Wheel - 5 Stars!

Great product!!!!!!!! My chin loved it. Thank you.