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Love the Chin Spin

My Chinchilla Munch loves ❤️ his Chin Spin. Runs every night.

Chin Spin

Frosty absolutely loves his new Chin Spin

Great quality!

This fits perfectly in my Critter Nation cage, and my chinchilla loves it.

Happy, Hoppy Chinchilla

Our chinchilla loves her wheel! She can run and stretch her body out - she even kangaroo hop runs and it is so quiet. This wheel is worth every penny.


Awesome travel cage for a Chinchilla! Impossible for them to chew through anything on the cage and it gives the owner peace of mind during a road trip. I highly recommend this cage for any chinchilla owner who likes to make road trips!

Awesome quality

Exactly what I needed and so pretty. This pan makes cleaning a breeze. Highly recommend!

Almost perfect!

Well-made and I love the top opening! Makes cleaning and arranging things inside a breeze. I do wish there was a smaller opening at the front, but if I can have only one, I prefer a top opening like this. I'm really impressed with the quality!

Absolutely amazing

This one I gave a test run when the fire alarm went off, and it's great. My boys aren't impressed with it because they can't snuggle, but I'm glad to have it, and so is my mom! "Oh thank god!" We're the first words out of her mouth when I told her I bought it

Beautiful colors

I have a three tier kennel, all three levels have quality cage crafters pans. Blue, teal and pink. I added a purple shelf pan for the only shelf. Koda’s cage looks amazing and clean up is so much easier, hardly anything falls out. Everything I have purchased is just amazing from Quality cage crafters

The best chinchilla wheel ever

First I didn’t realize how big this was but beyond happy with how they made it! It’s so beautiful! Fits perfect on my chinchilla’s third level critter nation cage. Amazing quality and very durable both my chins love it so much!! Couldn’t be happier!! I highly recommend this amazing wheel!!

lava ledge

The squirrels and the chinchilla love it.

Love my new shelves

The shelves are so easy to clean and keeps a lot from falling out.


Pan fits perfectly and is a much better option than the plastic trays that come with the cage!

I bought a small pan and big cut out pan!

I love them both so much, both beautiful!

Tank Topper for Syrian Hamster

We bought a tank topper for our Syrian hamster. She is in a long aquarium but she didn't seem like she was getting enough exercise and stimulation as she was chewing on the glue on the edges and climbing on her hamster house and escaping. The tank topper is amazing. We can put more toys and hiding places. She scurries around all night and all the chewing has stopped. She uses all the levels and is clearly happier.

A lot more than I thought

I was expecting a lot less, never really thought about a half pound of sticks before but ya get a lot of sticks

Omg handles 🤩

It great! I haven't put my boys in because we haven't left home yet (maybe at the end of the month or for Thanksgiving), but I'm super excited because there's handles and the base locks the cage in, which my previous cage didn't do, so I had to carry it from the bottom and it put a ton of stress on my shoulders and made getting through doors very hard

Chinchilla food dish

We love this dish and so the our Chinchillas. It stays attached to the cage. We tried others and they were able to take them off the cage and spill their food everywhere.
There are great color options too!!

Newly adopted chinchillas love these!

I ordered the Apple Sticks well before I adopted my 2 chinchillas from a rescue. The Apple Sticks are fairly uniform in size and crunch nicely. They both love these sticks!

This is a high quality sturdy cage!

We had to buy this to contain a couple of halfwild baby rats born from a domestic rat who was found outside (pregnant by a wild rat dad). It works great!

Wooden ledges

They are very nice. Way better than plastic. Solid mounting, look great, good grip for the animas. Recommended.

It’s perfect!!

My gerbil loves this cage topper! I was able to make the bottom 20 gallon tank a burrowing paradise and fit her wheel, feeder, sand bath and climbing logs in the topper.

Cholla Wood

The boys love them!! Can’t find anywhere else!

Stainless tray

Excellent item. 100% happy with the purchase. I marked it a 4 only because the shipping was as much as the tray!!! However, for future custom, I would highly recommend the stainless steel. Very easy to care for.

Love it!

Great dust bath! They love it!