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Mr. Woo has Flower Power!

He loves all the organic products from Quality Cage including his Hibiscus. I mix a little bit in with his dry pellets so he always get's a little surprise bit of a treat. We love Quality Cage's organic treats for our chin and know he is getting the best!! Thanks Quality Cage!

Great Guards

Got a couple of these since it was a pain to wood glue ledge covers. Make for awesome to help mitigate poo spillage :D

Apple Sticks and Coins

We received our order and our chins love them! The sticks are fresh and a little thinner than other sticks we have ordered and they are easily slid into the cage for treat time.

Great product

The replacement wood is great quality! Would definitely go back to get more from this site!

My Chinchilla love it

Finally...a silent wheel.

Purchased a wheel and my chin LOVES it. Not only is it large enough for my chinchilla to allow for correct movement, but it is totally silent! No more keeping the animal room door closed at night! The wheel looks to be great quality too. Very happy chinchilla and mama over here.

Excellent Communication, Perfect Wheel!

I love that the company was in contact with me periodically to let me know that they had not forgotten about my order and were still working on it. Great customer service. Also, the wheel was well packaged, is sturdy and so quiet! Absolutely worth every penny.

Our Chinchillas love this organic bee pollen!!

10/10 would recommend. Our girls love these treats! We ordered one bag and it was more than enough treats. Shipping was quick as well!

Great Home

It’s a great size and not having fixed levels makes it easily customizable. The wire and wood is of great quality and I have no doubt this will last forever and if parts break off, it seems a lot easier to fix than the other cages I’ve bought. I thought the zip ties would be an issue but my chin has not been able to chew them, and normally he chews anything plastic or paper if he can reach it but so far he hasn’t with the zip ties because of where they are placed. Be warned that the pandemic has made production slow way down so you’ll be waiting several months, but it is worth it and these guys are trustworthy and will be honest and up front on all the reasons for the delays.

Awesome, long-lasting cage

We're a large ferret shelter, and we have a bunch of the 3 level Mansions. They've been going strong for close to 20 years now. The layout is good, and the quality is great!

Mr. Woo Gives Paw Approval!

Woo loves the Organic Green Oats and knows that in the morning after his cage has been cleaned he will get a little treat of them. He runs up and down his cage because he is so happy and excited for this treat and his Chin Mom is happy because she knows his treat is organic and healthy for him. Thanks Quality Cage for a great product.

Perfect travel and all was well on receipt!

It was First class being able to track the Wheel package from the US to Scotland! I was able to check on it all the way through, That was as good as a holiday! Then the cage was delivered to by my door-in a perfect condition. The Blue (great work!) wheel has been put into the cage, and enjoyed by my Chinchilla...and it is Very quiet- perfect-the ball bearings work Really well! It's being used even more then the wheel I had before, it must feel better to the little guy. Only thing is...he likes it so much, he has started to gnaw it already, he's had it a day!...not the makers fault! This is even although there are 3 alternative gnaw areas in his cage. I continue to try to train him to Run only, Not Gnaw! I've even (safe I hope) painted Anti nail bite on the rim. but still, doesn't stop him! Another delivery to Scotland?- I can't afford it!! Any advice? Thank you Quality Cage Crafters - a great purchase, Chi chi's happy, I'm happy!

Tray replacement for cage....

I was amazed at how fast this item came. Thank you. My cage is around 20 yrs old and except for the old tray. still looks new. Your cages are the best and will keep my little guy safe for several more years!

Best Travel Ever

I have 3 of these cages and they are the best ones around. They are well built and are completely safe for your little one. I definitely recommend these cages. The cages are great for travel and short term stays. I can now go on vacation and safely take my little ones with me. Big enough to give them room to do what the little ones need to do and small enough to take with you. The cages are so easy to tear down and store away too. Not to mention that they are built solid with quality in mind.

Great my Chinchilla love them


Again you guys send great quality stuff. My chin grabs these like she is in heaven.

Sheet Metal Hay Rack

Quality Cages delivers as promised

I purchased a 15” chin spin for my chinchilla because that was recommended to me via Reddit. It is nearly silent and my chinchilla looooooves that he can go super fast. There is plenty of room for him to run without bending his back and I appreciate that it’s made of high quality materials.

I will definitely be recommending this storefront to others.

Chinchilla Apple Sticks

Yummy in My Tummy

Mr. Woo loves his Organic Dried Marigolds!! After I let him out in the morning for an hour or so to run around he runs back in his cage because he knows he will get this treat. Sometimes he barely stays out to run he just wants to con me into those treats. Thanks for the great product Quality Cage!

My chinchilla Loves them!

2nd time ordering. Goji Berries, bee pollen, echinacea, dandelion and a few more. Fast and great quality. My go to since we found them. Lorna the chinchilla Loves these treats. My skinny pig, Gertrude, loves the bee pollen too :)

Happy Chin!

The chin spin is so worth it! A lot bigger than I expected but my chin is a big boy and has so much extra space than his old wheel so that worked out very good. It’s also very quiet which is nice. My chin is very happy which makes me very happy :)

Happy Chin

Everything I order from you is top quality

Zig is crazy about his wheel!

My chinchilla loves his wheel so much. Bigger than expected, but that is actually a good thing, as he's a big floof and needs the exercise! It took a while to ship, but I received updates, which I appreciated. Thank you for this awesome wheel!