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Great item purchased!

Pros: Item is sturdy, easy to install as it comes already assembled, checkout process was smooth, generic e-mails to communicate with you were also great.

Cons: My item said it had shipped, I waited nearly two weeks before reaching out to the customer service e-mail line, no one ever replied back to me, but my item suddenly started moving in FedEx.

Overall: I am happy with the product I received, although I was left in the dark after inquiring on the shipping status of my item, the item made it safely.

Worth the Wait - and the poor customer service... GREAT product!

TL:DR, if you own a Critter Nation cage, BUY these! They're SUPER easy to clean, SAFE for your pets, and a FANTASTIC investment. TRUST me; you will NOT regret it!

Hey there! If you're a soft-hearted fur-daddy like me, you know how important it is to keep your fur-babies safe. That's why I highly recommend purchasing these steel replacement pans from Quality Cage Crafters! We like them so much that we have even ordered some teal ones for the small platforms!

While contacting the company can be a bit challenging, and the turnaround times can be long, the quality of the craftsmanship is OUTSTANDING and evident in EVERY detail of the product. My little squeakers SAFELY climb and jump over the ROLLED edges, and my children are MUCH happier with how much easier they are to clean. NO MORE chewed-up plastic trays or felt covers, and NO MORE worries about my pets' health!

I attached some pictures to show you the difference between the chewed-up plastic trays and the metal pans. BELIEVE me, it is night and day! The stainless steel pans are a FANTASTIC investment for your pets and will last you a LONG time. We've combined them with a couple of the Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheels, also by Quality Cage Crafters, to have a chew-resistant cage setup that should EASILY outlast the 5-8 years my degus are expected to live!

In summary, if you're a Critter Nation owner, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing these steel replacement pans from Quality Cage Crafters. They're SUPER easy to clean, SAFE for your pets, and a FANTASTIC investment in the long run. TRUST me; you will NOT regret it!

Uploaded pics to accompany my review

Also, if you're concerned about pine shavings, bedding, waste being strown around your floor, don't skip purchasing the additional scatter guards :)

Great shelves, great quality

Cage quality is fine workmanship, customer service not so much

Really wanted to give a 5star review. As I already have a previously owned QC for my oldest chinchilla, I knew what I was ordering. However, via the ordering process it states a 10-20day turn around. Assuming I was ordering during Xmas season, I expected a bit of a delay but Not the 60days (2 months) that it took to receive the 3 separate pkgs (taking yet another week, before the cage cld actually be assembled) The cage, the shelves, the separation pan. When a company has a product that is 6x the competitors cost (using the CN as comp) one wld expect a higher level of satisfaction. Altho the cage is durable, still not sure I made the best overall decision to put my new chinchillas in a temporary habitat for 2 months, while out $600+ from the start. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably hv just built out a DCN for less $$. As I had/have intentions on additional items being added, the lack of response from customer service is costing this company hundreds-thousands in lost revenue. I read reviews while I waited & I'm not the only paying customer who has taken the time to write of such an experience.

Very happy with the purchase!

Well worth it. Easy to clean/wash in the tub and we can fill the trays with bedding. The old critter nation plastic trays just got chewed up along with the fleece sleeves for them. Now that we have the metal trays, we don't need to worry about them chewing or needing to sew/purchase fleece linings that just get destroyed. Very happy with the purchase!

Perfect for our 2 gerbils!

Ordered the 20 gal long and came exactly as expected. Excellent quality, no complaints other than the wait, which I expected from reading reviews.

End all for squirrels boredom

It took me awhile to give an honest review only because the squirrels that I have overwintering were a bit unsure of their soon to be "best friend!" Cutting to the chase out of the nine in this enclosure 6 of them LOVE IT! From as soon as they wake and put themselves to bed that wheel doesn't stop spinning for long. In fact, they are sometimes impatient waiting for their turn at the wheel they just jump in with the current squirrel running! You're furry friends will thank you for their new toy... so buy one or 2! Off to buy another one for my 3½ yr old NR!

I love the quality of them, if only they didn’t arrive damaged. Ordered 2 sets one of them one of the panels was misshapen and could cut my chinchillas foot. Got the replacement after many emails and it is bent worse than the last. If you live close to Texas I’d recommend them but if he is shipping out further I’d find another seller.

Great quality shelves!

Have had these shelves for about 6 months now and they are holding up great. Our chinchillas tended to bite down on the wooden ledges and then scratch their feet on the jagged edges they created, so we switched some of the wooden ledges to metal and their feet are doing much better! They also don't appear to pee on the metal ledges as much because it won't soak in, so that's a great deterrent so they can pee in their litter box.

And don't worry, we give them lots of sticks and other wooden items to chew on so they don't have to chew the ledges :-)

Buying my 3rd soon

I've had chinchillas for over 5 years now, and had spent a lot of time looking for a decent wheel. This meant something that was an appropriate size, and something that would be good quality. The first wheel that I bought from these guys has been going strong for 5 years, and even though they send some spare parts, I've never needed them. I also didn't have the option of colours at the time, so that was a nice surprise when I got my second.

I now have a 3rd chinchilla that I was hoping to put in the same cage as one of my other ones, but that doesn't look like it's going to be possible, at least not for some time. So because of that, I will soon be looking to buy a 3rd wheel.

Sure, there's some rattling noise when they use the wheels, but I think that should be expected with the force that they use. If it's a calm run, you won't get that. I've never had any squeaking noises that happen with plastic wheels.

This is the wheel to go with!

The handle is missing the Comfort grip. Otherwise, great!

3 inch lip Ferret Nation pan.

I feel this pan is the pan all Ferret Nation cages. This keeps the mess from getting on your floor. I love it.

Mu chinchillas are in LOVE with this wheel! 🥰

Amazing craftsmanship - this large wheel will encourage healthy chinchilla running and exercise. My two ladies love it. Happy to support this small business!!

Good Quality, Easy Install

I like these ledges. We ordered two long boards and one corner ledge. They were easy to install, rounded edges are nice, fit perfectly. Chin loves them :)

The pan is fantastic!! Took a while to get it but worth the wait!!

100% as described

The product is of great quality, no sharp edges. Cleans very easily. Definitely worth the investment.


Amazing quality!

I absolutely love this product! It's great craftsmanship and paint job is fantastic. My chinchillas took to it right away. I've order some more products recently so I'm excited to receive them!

Shipping damage.

These were damaged in shipping. I reached out as the website instructed, left voicmail, messages on x.com and Instagram, and even left a message with the business landlord. Other than an email auto reply they've yet to respond nearly a month later.

Annie Approved!

My Chin Annie Wilkes loooves these!

My chinchillas absolutely love this wheel! It took a long time to get here, but it was totally worth the wait. I would highly recommend this company and will order from them again!!

Excellent quality!! Love supporting small businesses!!!

Good product took a grip to arrive and came damaged. Reached out to them and they offered 40$ refund or ship me a new panel. 4 days have gone by and reached out a few times still haven’t got an eta on the panel. Totally want to support Quality Cage Crafters and hope communication gets better.