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Good Quality

Good quality. Worth the wait. Fits perfectly.

I love the metal ledge!

I’m slowly replacing each of the ledges in my chinchillas’ mansion. I was just about to order one of the wooden ones when the metal were released. I decided to try just one to start. It’s nice having more indestructible pieces in their cage that can’t be chewed and can easily be wiped clean. I’ll probably upgrade one more shelf to metal and keep two wood.

Beautiful pan.

Very nice quality pan for my critter nation. My rat girls love to chew, so this made things much cleaner. Waited over a month for it, but the quality was worth it.

Metal pans

Both pans arrived with one corner being bent/dented. I think this could easily be prevented with more cushion in the packaging. I couldnt bend the corners back but they still fit in the cages and serve their purpose.

Cami and Kati LOVE the Gogi berries!

Our chinchillas get lots of treats - probably too many, but these berries are their hands down favorites! Thank you, Quality Cage Crafters for offering these great treats for our fur babies.


They don’t reach from side to side in both length or width of the Farret Nation cages. Therefore I had to reinforce them on both ends in order for them not to give when my Chinnies jump on or off of them. Needs some work for them to be successful. Otherwise thank you.

Quality treats!

You get a great amount of treats for the price, and my little gal loves them!

Replacement tray for Chinchilla Cage

The first and last wheel you'll ever need to buy!

With a 15" diameter and 6 1/4" track, no other chinchilla wheel on the market even comes close. The 4-point mount is sturdy and easy to install. And best of all: it's so quiet! No squeaking, no rattling. The only sound is the pitter-patter of chinchilla feet bounding along effortlessly. The Chin Spin is worth every penny!

Quality Cage (No Pun Intended)

The first night after putting our cage together, our 2 Chinchillas Potato and Loki ran around for hours it was fun to watch them explore and run on the Chinchilla wheel. The cage and accessories are high quality and well made. The cage should last for years to come.

Tank topper for gerbils

This topper is perfect for my gerbils. They love running around in it and I can keep the bedding in the bottom. Came faster than I expected as well!

So Glad for Metal Shelving in Stainless Steel!

A long time ago, I purchased two metal shelves for my Chinchilla Mansion, and they were one of the best add-ons for cleaning and having a cooling area for my chins. Those ones matched the nesting box. But when I wanted to purchase more (having some very messy chinchillas that soaked wood), they were no longer being made. So, when the notice came that they were being made again, I was thrilled! That they could be made from stainless steel was even better! ! I had to purchase some. They arrived very well packed and with all the hardware. I noticed that the shelves are so nice and smooth on both sides (the older model had some sharp edges underneath). They are absolutely perfect! Great buy!

Because of how smooth the reverse side of the shelves is, I am installing these shelves upside-down because I have really klutzy chinchillas that slip off of their shelves, especially after dusting. The lip is perfect to allow them to brake, and having the lip edge to grip and step on will provide extra foot pad stimulation.

great quality!

i bought this for my mouse and he absolutely loves it! it’s proved to be very secure for him compared to other cage toppers and he is loving climbing all over it! mine took longer for them to make due to some issues they were having but once it shipped it arrived fast and i couldn’t be happier with it! we also cut some fleece blanket up to fit in the tank to use as padding on the wire floor, he loves it!

Great carrier for vets!

This carrier is the perfect size and sturdy. You can attach a water bottle and there is enough room for food If it is needed for a longer transport. I love it.

Worth The Wait

I waited a little over a month for this wheel to arrive for my daughter's chinchilla. It was worth the wait. We are new to the world of chinchillas and did not know they need a bigger wheel than you can get at a pet store. This wheel is very well made and Bo LOVES IT

exactly what we wanted

This cage topper fix over our 40 gallon PERFECTLY. It more than doubles the space for our 2 gerbils and was completely ready to use when we recieved it; now they can use the full bottom aquarium for burrowing. They have not scratched on the cage glass since we put it in, telling me they're less stressed. It took less than 5 weeks for delivery, there are no sharp or unfinished edges, the cage is excellent quality. We did choose the option to add the front door, and I don't believe they charged extra for this. The floor is the same wire as the cage walls but does not seem to bother the gerbils any, and we decided to put a cardboard floor down since this seems to be their new favorite potty spot (we won't have to change the bedding as much!)
It does seem pricy, but if you look at other very similar options this seller was much cheaper. I expect this seller is more profession with better service and quality than you'd get somewhere else (etsy/personal were the only other options I found). They also didn't add cost for shipping, other sellers were charing over $100 to ship. I'm very happy with this purchase and will come here first next time I'm looking for any type of cage.

A sturdy temporary cage for our degus

We got this cage for our degus, as a secondary cage for travel or while cleaning their main enclosure. It is pretty large, large enough for a wheel, although one person usually should be able to carry it, especially with the handles. The base is deep enough for a good layer of bedding. We haven't tried collapsing it yet, but it came together pretty easily. The supplied shelves and ramp are very sturdy. All in all, a great purchase!

Critter Nation Shelf Pan All Metal Replacement


Exactly what I was looking for. Looks great!

Exactly what I needed

I needed a metal replacement shelf for my Critter Nation cage because my chinchillas like to chew on fleece. This works great because it sits perfectly where the plastic shelf used to go and if needs some padding, I can use binder clips to make a nice fleece blanket section. Great quality!

Life savers!!

I thought we were going to have to purchase a new wheel after my chin ran the bearings raw so to speak! Thankfully they sale replacement ones at a cheap price! Shipping was quick so my chin was happy!! The original ones we had lasted a little over a year, so not bad!!

Very nice!

Glad I could ask for the barrier to be removed on a double carrier. Very nice quality!

Good & Sturdy

My chinnies love it!

My chinchilla

I get the best food and cage condo and supplies for my chinchilla from your company No one can come close. Thank you

Critter nation shelf pans

They are wonderful, great quality. But I ordered black. Sent wrong color.