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Best travel cage, hands down.

I bought this more as a backup for emergency situations than for travel - For example, temporary housing if my boys needed to be moved and live short-term during a power outage in summer, or in the event of a fire or tornado. So far I have had to use it a couple times during power outages, and it's absolutely perfect! There's enough room for a nest house and for the wheel (though the wheel does make it just a bit cramped) and my boys seem comfortable enough when we've had to use it. Construction is sturdy and of excellent quality (like can be expected from Quality Cage), and the cage is easy to set up and transport. Truly a great cage for travel, emergencies, or any time you need temporary housing for your chinchillas.

Awesome product!

I was very pleased with the replacement pan I ordered. It fit perfectly in my cage, is well made, and does a great job keeping my chinchillas mess contained.

rolled oats!

great treats for chinchillas! mine love these!

Cholla Wood
Steve Y.
mixed feelings

Only one of my 3 chins seems to like these, so not sure if they're just picky or these aren't that delicious

Supreme Chinchilla Carrier

Supreme Chinchilla Carrier done in purple. Very nice carrier and keeps them from chewing free.

Great quality

Love my cage! Good quality will order again :)


I've owned rats for 10+ years. I cannot express enough how worth it these are. I will be buying more. I needed these 10+ years ago 😂


My two chinchillas love these!

high quality wheel

Looks and feels high quality and sturdy, but unfortunately most of my chins are too scared or clueless as to how to use it (it's only been a few weeks), although one of them has hopped on and "jogged" on it for a few seconds at a time lol.

Perfect purchase!

Amazing quality and very simple to put together! Such a perfect investment for my chinchilla and she absolutely loves it, definitely recommend for anyone looking for a well crafted enclosure. Even during the wait while they were making the cage, the updates via email were timely and very helpful. Will absolutely be buying from QCC anytime i need quality supplies in the future:)

Worth the wait!

I was doing some research for a cage for my new chinchilla and found this cage! Yes the price is a bit high, but the cost of the mansion is so worth it. I want to make sure that my pets are always taken care of and can thrive. This cage took a little while to be made and shipped, but it was worth the wait. Our baby is thriving. It’s so easy to clean and easy to rearrange to keep things fresh. If I ever got a new chinchilla I would purchase again.


My chinchillas love these!

Chin Spin

My rescued chin absolutely loves his chin spin. He is in and out of it all night long. I love that it is so quiet. If it wasn't for the patter of his feet I wouldn't know he was using it. I am very happy with the quality of the workmanship and product. I will be ordering more for my other chinchillas!

She loves it

She loves it but I got the wrong color but I’ll keep it

Oxbow Critical Care Pet Supplement

Great Quality

While the wait for this product was definitely on the longer side (almost a month or so), this is something that was directly mentioned before I ordered it, and I honestly don't think it detracts from the quality of the product. I was sent multiple emails keeping me up to date while I was waiting, which was greatly appreciated. The pan is sturdy, fits perfectly, and had no damage. It gives me peace of mind knowing my rats won't chew through it, as some of them have a habit of doing. Overall wonderful product, and I would definitely recommend. It's more than worth the wait.


Absolutely love the replacement pan! Got the stainless steel option. Was packaged great, worth the wait!! Love it, fits perfectly, and my little degus are safe and secure!

Extremely pleased with tray!

Delivery time was a little slow, but communication and quality were OUTSTANDING!

Best replacement pans ever

These pans are literally the best! I wish I had gotten them sooner. I used them for the critter nation cage for our pack of degus, and I’m never going back to plastic pans ever again. This has significantly improved the smell of their cages, and makes cleaning so much easier. I also love that they are meant to last a lifetime, definitely recommend these!!! Pricey but definitely worth it if you’re planning on having degus/chinchillas/any other type of furry babies forever!

Very expensive for such a long wait

First off I'll say the overall quality of the product is amazing. The products are very expensive though especially when you are buying for a double critter nation. It was stated it could take up to 20 days to ship my order so I made sure I ordered it well in advance to my new ratties. My products were ordered 4/17 and not shipped until 5/16. Though I received updates, nothing was offered rectify the false timing. A simple treat for my girls would have been a nice gesture. I also think .5 inch and inch taller trays should be offered as well (for a reasonable price. That definitely isn't a negative review because I was well aware of the height when I ordered, just a suggestion.

Best Quality Ever!

I found these in my search for replacement pans for the critter nation. I have to say Joshua is absolutely amazing and makes a great replacement pan that fits perfectly and they are so easy to clean and no more chewing! He and his team are awesome in every aspect including responding to any question you have. I highly recommend them for your cage needs.

30 ' ledge

Perfect. They love it. Would like some aspen too

Chin Spin Bearings

Easy peasy to replace after watching an online video. Should have done it a year ago as it is quiet and works like new again! Definitely recommend.

Frida and Izzy say…

They’re yummy.