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Organic Whole Rose hips

My Chins Love!

I have 4 Chin Spins in my house. My chins love them! Best investment ever. I love how quiet they are.

Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel

Wooden Ramps are not only for Chinchillas.

I’m a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in squirrels. The small caged squirrels love the wood platforms and ramps. They chew on them too. It’s the perfect solution for you g squirrels just learning to climb.


Chins started using right away (although I did place it in their pee corner).


Good corner shelf!

Replacement set of Chin Spin Bearings

Good cup


Our wheel we purchased started making loud banging noises everytime our chin ran on it that was almost unbearable to listen to. After some guidance from the makers we purchased this set of bearings and it has gotten significantly quieter, very very happy with the purchase of replacement bearings!

Fantastic treat

My boy absolutely loves it!!! This is one of his favorite treats now.

Great Product



I had a hard time placing this in my critter nation cage, I ended up cutting out a corner so it would Mount better.

Chin Carrier

Perfect size; strong quality carrier!


Quiet. Chew proof. Looks nice. I won't buy any other wheel again.


Much bigger than I anticipated, my little guy seems to enjoy it. The only con, I wish it connected to the cage by 4 attachments instead if two.

Great value

This is our very favorite thing from QCC. I open the box of apple wood, hold it inside Terry's cage, and let him select his own choice piece. It's his favorite night time game. Head goes in box, much contemplation and sifting around, out comes head with his heart's desire. He's crazy about this apple wood!

Cholla Wood
Karen Turner
Interesting wood

It's Terry's first time trying cholla. He was eager to snatch it up and hop to his hidey corner. He chewed off the very outer layer of the wood, but not much else. Still, he's happy to have one.

Yummy berries

My chinchilla, Terry, LOVES these berries. They seem so fresh and high quality. He knows precisely what's coming when I get the jar out.

Tasty treats

Love these healthy and safe alternatives to raisins. So does my chin!

Organic Crushed Rose Hips
Shelley Williams

Quality and tasty. My chinchilla is happy... so I'm thrilled. Will buy again and again.


Great quality wood and had it delivered within days!

smells good

another hit for my willow

Cholla Wood
Joy Waters
My chin loves his apple sticks

Baloo my chin is a little picky when it comes to chew sticks. He enjoys these and I like that they come in a variety of sizes.

Hop Spot Corner Ledge
Sherry Rustman

We love our cages. Very easy to assemble and great quality.