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Gorgeous cage

Exactly what I needed and works perfectly.

Exceptionally made products and I forgot that special orders take longer to get and they were able to get the chinchilla carrier we ordered to us in time for our move. The extra time is worth the wait.

Item works fantastic for my chinchillas, but the shipping didn't occur until I asked for an update over 2 weeks after placing the order

Best wheel on the market

Strongest longest lasting wheel made. The last one lasted 14 years

Trustworthy Chinchilla Ledges!

Great quality that I can trust for my chinchilla, Sprout! I love how everything is hand-crafted, but it does take quite a long time. When I purchased the ledges, the fulfillment time was 10-15 days, but it was approximately 43 business days for mine. As a business owner, I can't entirely agree with how this was handled and the lack of updates, but it is a quality product.


Overall, I like the product and it’s excellent for quick cleaning and cleanliness altogether. I was disappointed in the fact that none of the trays have the brand name on it this time like they did last time we had some ordered, and the time it took to get here was I little longer than expected. However the overall product does its job.

Favorite 😍

Chin’s favorite chew sticks!!

Great Craftmenship, Terrible Service

The cage was well made and I have no complants about the people who made it. However shipping and customer service need some serious improving. My topper was made in a few weeks just like estimate said and I received an email telling me topper would be shipped in a couple days, it also told me I would receive tracking number. After that it was radio silence for weeks and weeks. No tracking number, no updates, no response to my numerous emails. I finally have topper now, months after I ordered it, but only because I emailed demanding a refund. That email managed to actually get a response and they finally managed to get around to actually shipping my topper which apparently had been sitting in their warehouse for a few months. No telling how long it would have taken if I hadn't asked for a refund. If you want a nice topper and don't mind waiting a few months to get it this is the service for you. If you want to get a topper before your rodent dies of old age, probaly not.

The nesting boxes were beautiful colors and the rabbits used them with no problems. They were easy to clean.

Quality Cage is always the best!

We have been purchasing from Quality Cage for the last 15 years and nothing else has come close to the quality of build( gauge and quality of wire, and fit and finish of accessories) and products and customer service. The fulfillment wait is new, but it is well worth the wait and I'm just very glad they are still around to supply a superior product.

Absolutely worth the small investment ! Processing time and shipping took the full time frame they gave but it was well worth the wait! Communication was fast as well when I had any questions ! My floors are now relatively bedding free and me and my chin couldn’t be happier ! Shipping was fast and the item came in perfectly! Thanks so much !!

Perfect size!

I am happy with the overall size and appearance of our wheel. I went with this wheel for the wider track which is perfect for our chin. I went ahead and ordered extra bearings when I ordered the wheel since it was mentioned in groups I'm in that eventually it will start making noise when the bearings wear out.


I originally bought two chinchilla mansions about 3 years ago and didn’t buy stands to go with them. I finally decided to buy the stands to go with them and it is certainly a game changer. I feel like it’s 10x easier to clean their room and clean the cages and has made my life a lot easier. Overall: Love <3

May be the nest box to replace all nest boxes

Granted, I haven't used them yet, especially in the winter. But they are notably lighter, sturdier and nicer looking than my wooden ones. And if the lip does keep kits from getting accidentally pulled out, then it is worth every bit.

Critter nation trays

Great product, will never have to replace chewed and broken plastic trays again.

Tank Topper Aquarium Cage for hamsters, Rat, Mice & Gerbils

I would give this review a 0 if I could

I had received the incorrect order. I have email this company 4 times regarding this and I haven’t received a response from anyone. Only about giving a review. I spent over $100 dollars and I can’t even use the tray because it’s for the incorrect cage. I am very upset and disappointed that no one has reached out about this issue. I need to send this product back and get a refund. I would ask to get the correct tray that I need but after this, I don’t think I’ll ever be buying anything from this company. I doubt they’ll even respond to this review.

The best wheel!

I've had my chin spin wheel for like 10 years. It has lasted forever and I just change out the bearings if it gets loud. I'm finally buying a new one as it has worn out a bit around the bearings. My chinchillas LOVE it and so do I!!!

Bearings Need to be Sealed

Bearing that are sealed keep the Chinchilla Dust & debris out. These are prone to premature failure because they are not sealed Ball Bearings, these are open which allow tons of small debris into the Bearing housing and they go bad quick!! PLEASE UPGRADE these to a sealed high quality bearing!!🙏🏼🙏🏼 You can see the exposed ball bearing housing in the photo.

Love my trays

I received my trays ( painted blue) and the packaging was excellent. Everything fit perfectly and keeps so much of the stuff from getting on the floor. Very easy to clean. Love them!!

Good but LOUD

I’ve had this wheel for about a month now and it squeaks INCREDIBLY LOUDLY, if you’re okay with that noise it’s great..

Love the Pan

I absolutely love the color and perfect fit of the pan. It gives more floor space than the plastic tray covered in fleece I was using. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the processing time is not accurate. It says 10-20 days (it did not specify business days). It ended up being well over 20 days, and about 22 business days. For the extended processing times, I expected it to ship on time. I will still order again, but hope to see either processing times adjusted or changes made to get things out on time.

Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Replacement Pan

Cholla Wood
Anneliese I.
Chins Love it!

Chinchillas love it, I just wish it was sold in bulk.

Nest box

Box secures nicely to the cage. Stardust is a shimmery but not to glittery of a color option. Wood could be cut wider, for a better fit in the opening.