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Cholla Wood
Avian C.
Lasts and chins love it!!

I really like this wood for my chins. It seems to last longer than your normal Cherry would Plus it is a really cool shape so it's fun to watch them hold on to it as they chew. Thx again y'all

Well built

This is well built, just like all their products. Just not sure why the inner panel moves...?

Wonderful treats

My Chinchillas have really enjoyed these over the past couple weeks. They are a good price and lasts a long time. I definitely recommend these to anybody who is looking to give their chinchillas a few extra treats and some good nutrients in their diet. Thanks again I appreciate you guys

Perfect fit & funtion

My set fit perfectly and works great, and it *did* come with hardware. Very nice hardware, even. It looks great and allows me to do deeper substrate than I otherwise would have been able to.

Best Chinchilla Purchase Yet

Absolutely LOVE the replacement pans for my chinchilla. My Mochi is now completely potty trained and only uses her litter pan (she used to pee all over her fleece) so easy to do a quick vaccum in the mornings and now I don't have to worry about her chewing the plastic. Plus the sides are tall enough that they act as scatter guards. 10/10 would recommend.

Doesn't come with hardware?

They're well-built, but why no washers or butterfly nuts to hold them in place?

I'll have to pick those up at a hardware store as an added expense. Was the hardware just forgotten on my order, or is this the norm with these sides?

I was surprised at how big the syringes actually were but still happy with the product

Bag Balm
Perfect size for My Chin's first aid kit

The product is the perfect size for my chin's first aid kit

It works great

I ordered this tray because we had the small plastic one and my chin was getting her pee all outside the cage. This has been awesome, keeps the mess my chin makes inside the cage. Extremely easy to clean.

happy space

My little fur all is EXTREMELY happy with all the space he has in his new mansion! It is super sturdy, it was easy to assemble, and it is made well! Happy purchase and will continue to support this shop 🤍

5 Stars from my Chinchilla’s!

My Chins are on this thing non stop! They love it and it’s fairly quiet compared to any other wheel you’ll find out there.

AMAZING replacement pan!

You get quality, along with a good piece of mind that your Chinchilla won’t be trying to chew on plastic, which is extremely dangerous for them to consume. I’ve bought two already and I can say they really hold up and are super easy to clean, both look brand new after each cleaning. I highly recommend these replacements, they fit perfectly in the cage!

Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb

Chinchilla cage stand

I have a chinchilla cage that I purchased years ago. It is a good cage, but it was not on wheels. The cage stand I bought from Quality Cage Crafters is wonderful! It fits perfectly on my chinchilla cage. It was custom made for me. It may take a little bit of time, but it is well worth the wait. I love it!!!

More berries that are good for us!

Yet another tasty treat that's chinchilla approved! I like that the Hawthorn berries give Cami and Kati another option for keeping their teeth in top condition. A treat that's good for them and that they enjoy!

Grat cage

It's a great cage perfect for my chinchillas. I love that it's all metal. I just need one more. XD

More yummy petals

Our nice "Mommy" just keeps coming up with yummy treats for us! We love the variety! Always fun to see what's in our little red bowl! We are two lucky chinchillas! Cami & Kati

Replacement pans for critter nation, upper and lower pan

I am so happy with these pans! They are fantastic quality and make clean up so much easier, and less scatter around the cage. Great deals on this website as well when ordering here instead of Amazon. The pans were delivered in great shape, and were delivered within the 10-20 days as estimated.


The tray for perfect but it was dented and scratched on one of the corners. I didn’t return or complain because it already took a while to get delivered we was unable to wait for a new one and deal with the headache of returning the damaged one.

Good fit

Great replacement for original shelves. Slippery bottom, had to line it with cardboard under the bedding.

Perfect Fit and Easy to Clean

I needed a replacement pan for the nearly 20-year old one that I had and the new one fits perfectly, is easy to clean and high quality.

Great quality and size.

I love these bottles. They are the perfect size and are great quality. Easy to clean. Easy to attach and remove to the cage.

Chinchilla lilltle John

My chinchilla loves it goes all the time on it. It reasonable easy to take out, cleaning though it does gather a urine stain in corners from time to time which needs to be cleaned off with a vinegar solution but it's held up off a few years now. I happy with the product as it's not plastic and it's lasting worth buying.

Exactly what i wanted for my pets first aid kit