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Good perch

Well of course she just perches on top of it instead of sitting inside it (>0

Chinchilla Litter Box
Cheyenne Mix-Mckown
Chinchilla litter box

Absolutely love the quality of the litter boxes! So much so I bought a second for the same cage. It did take a few weeks for it to ship, but customer service sent me multiple emails letter me know my order wasn’t forgotten and they were doing everything they could to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Chinchilla Litter Box
Amanda Cosgrove
10 yr old Chinchilla actually likes it!

My Chinchilla started using it right away. Kind of surprised being as picky as she is. Finally something that reduces the amount of peeing she does on the shelves.


I have been purchasing apple sticks and assorted flowers from here for the past year or so. Your items are always great quality and my chinchilla LOVES them! Thank you!

Apple Sticks

Chin love them!

Great product

It fits perfectly, well made. We will buy again

Chin spin 15”

The wheel is amazing our chins love it. The quality of the craftsmanship is spot on. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with chins they love it.


Simply the perfect cage!!!!!!

Cholla Wood
Danai Marlin
Cholla wood

My chinchilla loves this wood!! It's his favorite I need to order more

Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible

Travel cages

These are awesome cages. Very well made and worth the cost. I will use these for a long time. These are well worth the wait in getting them.

Replacement set of Chin Spin Bearings

Awesome Home!

My chinchilla ADORES her new townhome. I was super impressed by how easy it was to assemble, and she's loving getting to know the new space, and I love the sturdy metal and wood design. My only regret is not buying one of these sooner for my little girl! I also appreciated the updates during the production process. It took two and a half months from order date to receive it but it's well worth the wait! I'm extremely satisfied and so is my little chinny chin chin!

Love these apple sticks!

I love this company and all their products! We have their chinchilla mansion, their chin spin, multiple litter pans, and various treats (apple sticks, cholla wood, marigold, camomile, etc.)!
My little guy LOVES their apple sticks and woke up from a deep nap as soon as I opened the package and he smelled them! They were meant for Christmas but I couldn’t help myself!

Thank you so much for always providing the best for my spoiled chinchilla!

Great little carrier!

This is a very nice small animal carrier. Most are made from plastic (or worse, fabric) and simply will not contain a rodent determined to chew its way out, but this carrier is made completely from metal and is actually secure! The flip top is easy to open and close and makes it easy to get my chin in and out of the carrier. It is quite small, so it's definitely only suitable as a short-term travel carrier, but it's a good size for that purpose. Its small size makes it easy to carry and transport, and it's well-ventilated, so it won't trap heat inside the way more enclosed plastic carriers do (very important for chins as they're prone to overheating). I did quite a bit of searching/research before ordering this carrier, and this appears to be the best small animal carrier on the market in terms of security, durability, and overall design. It's pricier than most other options out there, but I think it's worth it to have something that's truly safe and secure.

Recently purchased both trays for my Chinchillas cage and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. It is held together nicely and fits the cage nice and snug. I’ve also purchased their chinchilla wheel previously and the quality is fantastic. Job well done to the team for all their great work.

Solid quality!

The cage feels very sturdy and solid! It took a while to arrive, but I’m glad that it’s worth the wait. My chinchilla is going to be so much happier in this for car rides than the little plastic critter containers they sell at pet stores.

These were a HUGE Hit

My chinchilla can be frustrating because she doesn't really like timothy hay by itself, so I'm always on the lookout for good snacks that incorporate timothy hay, but I usually have to spend the money on new things I find, knowing there's maybe a 50/50 chance she'll go for them. Well, THESE were a hit. The day they arrived, I put one in her cage before going to bed, and all I heard for the next 30 minutes or so was her totally shredding it into oblivion. The only evidence left the next morning were a few fibers. Guess I've found a winner!!

Organic Echinacea
Lauren Aluise
Chins are obsessed!

I had bought this herb after reading on a chinchilla forum that it can help reduce inflammation and helps animals recover from a URI quicker. Squeakles was already on an antibiotic, a systemic NSAID, and two nose drops - one to reduce inflammation and the other an antibiotic. The meds from her doctor worked well for the first three days, then gradually her sneezing came back. She never got as bad as she was before the appointment, but she never completely improved. Once her antibiotic course finished after a month, these herbs came in and we used 1/4tsp over the course of the day broken into 4-5 feedings. Not only does she absolutely LOVE the stuff, but I honestly think it helped more than any of the meds from her actual veterinarian. She has a recheck tomorrow to get chest X-rays again and a culture…should be interesting to see how the lungs look. I swear she is just overall happier, sleeping less, and more like herself and this wasn’t the case until she started the echinacea! (Also have been supplementing nettle and rose hips to boost the immune system and I’m sure that’s helped a big part as well!) all my 9 chinnies loooooove all these herbs…not a single one will turn any of them down! Customer for life haha! Also everything smells soooo fresh and good, makes me wanna be a chin!

Buddy Loves his apple sticks!

Had to wait but he loves them!

Quality product

After looking at several options for transporting my little chewers to the vet or in an emergency we decided to go with the heavy duty travel cage that won't have to be replaced. The wait is well worth it for this highly durable cage. They will have plenty of room to be comfortable and we will still be able to carry it. Looking forward to many years of use from this product.

My chinch loves it!

Very high quality, and not as heavy as I expected so that's a huge plus for me! My chin fell in love with her wheel as soon as I installed it in her cage. Definitely a great purchase.


We have had 2 other wheels and this is the quietest chinchilla wheel that my guys have ever had!

Lava Ledge (Pack of 2)
Taylor Miller
A staple in our habitat

My chin loves these! He is on it before I have it fully installed & we go through them so quickly. Love that it keeps him busy & gives him something to keep his teeth trimmed

High-quality, quiet and fun

My chinchilla loves the wheel. There was a quick learning curve where he kind of got running and couldn't stop/got tossed around a bit, but I asked around and this is normal -- he figured it out very quickly (the same evening I put it in) and will take jogs in it at all hours of the day now and knows how to slow down/stop safely. Better than the plastic kind at the pet stores. Worth the money. Get a ruler out before you order and make sure it will fit in your cage -- the 15" one is bigger than I envisioned, but perfect size for a chinchilla and fits fine in a Ferret Nation cage.