Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We exist to help small animals & their owners live more fulfilling & enriched lives.

Our Vision

In order to truly make a dent in our mission through our work, we’re going to need scale. But we want to scale in the Quality Cage way, not the easy way. We believe every small animal & their owner should have available to them all the proper care needs from shelter, to feed, to toys, to enrichment. We aim to create simple & permanent solutions for each animal we serve. Every dollar we make as a company means we are getting better at serving our mission.

What animals do we plan to serve?

  • Chinchilla
  • Rabbit
  • Prairie Dog
  • Degu
  • Bird
  • Guinea Pig
  • Sugar Glider
  • Hamster
  • Gerbil
  • Ferret
  • Rat
  • Hedgehog
  • Racoon
  • Monkey
  • Armadillo

Our vision has 4 components:

A Line of Cages, Accessories, and Feed for Every Small Animal - Built with each animals needs in mind. We dont cut corners, and we dont make OK products. We make kick ass products that last forever. NO Compromise.

An Unrivalled Level of Customer Service - Ever go into a pet store only to get terrible service and poor education. Yeah, we know you have. We promise to have unrivalled empathy and education built into our customer service system. It doesnt stop there. We will reach unrivalled efficiency in manufacturing and distribution so we can get you taken care of faster. Everything we do will continuously be improved.

End the "Puppy Mill" Problem With a Breeder and Rescue Network- We partner with and support smart and dedicated breeders who care more about the animal than anything else. We envision a new story where animals are not produced in high volume to make a profit. Proper breeding practices must be followed in order to have a higher quality animal who will lead a more enriched and long lived life.

A Safe Pet Transportation Solution - We seek to build a new standard of transporting animals. Airlines everywhere are extremely innefective, and sometimes downright dangerous to your pet. We plan to create a new solutions that monitors the environment variables that effect the pets livelihood. Using technology, we think we can track environmenal dangers remotely, so that we can alert you if your pets habitat is compromised.

Our Values

  1. Learn every day - We arent "know-it-alls", but we are "learn-it-alls." We learn from our mistakes, we learn from our successess, we learn from our books, and we learn from each other. We listen, and are always seeking new pieces to the puzzle of making our lives and the world, better.
  2. Create every day - We arent going to get attention from being loud and spelling with all capital letters, or using excessive emojis. We are going to get attention by being so good at what we do, that people cannot ignore us. In order to hone our skills to that level we must create innovations each and every day. Whether its a physical product or a digital educational product, we have to hone our craft, continuously.
  3. Give every day - We are leavers, not takers. We're not here to be the biggest, were here to leave the world a better place for all living creatures. The world will never be the same again, because we came this way, and were gonna leave some gift behind us on our path to a better world.
  4. Never let your ambitions exceed your empathy - We will never reach our goals without helping others. We need community, and a love for our clients is the lifeblood of that community. We will never sacrifice our community for our goals. We can only raise our ambition, if we raise our care for others first.
  5. Teach everything you know - With animals there is no shortage of things to learn about proper care. We are learning everyday, and we want to share what we learn with all our community, in order to continually create value for them.
  6. Everybody is a mentor - YOU, are amazing and your thoughts, beliefs, & experiences matter. We want to learn from you, and work with you to better the world. There are no wrong answers
  7. Create permanent solutions or not a all - While nothing is every really perfect, we will always strive for it. For every problem we identify we must decide using our values whether is worth fixing right or not fixing at all. If we keep half fixing things all we leave behind is a mess, and no one wants to follow our path only to find we were pigs.
  8. Do less, do better - Work smarter, not harder. We focus on what matters the most, your pet's need, and our clients.
  9. Hire grade A-players who love pets - We hire awesome people who want to win at making the world better. They also have and love pets. Sometime they bring them to work. Chances are they are our customer before working with us. Chances are they believe we are a conduit for problem solving in the animal world.

Our Unfair Advantage

While we definitely build the best small animal products in the world, our real advantage has nothing to do with the products we create.

Our unfair advantage is that we care more than anyone else.

From the way we manufacture our products, to the way we emphasize with our clients, to the way we build educational content.

When you interact with our team, you’ll know you’re talking to a real human who cares most about helping you succeed as an small animal owner, breeder, or rescue.

We will never sacrifice quality for price, Speed for Quality, or making a dollar over the safety of your animal. That is our promise to you.

Join us!

If you think this work matters as much as we do, you should consider joining us. Check out our jobs page to see if you could be one of the teammate’s to help build the future of what it means to be a small animal lover.

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