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    Gerbil Supplies

    Do you love the idea of a small furry friend that will brighten up your days and keep you company? With their playful and curious nature, gerbils can be a lot of fun to have around. Caring for them does require some extra time and effort, though. To get you started, here’s a list of supplies a gerbil needs to stay healthy and happy.

    Cage or Gerbilarium

    Gerbils need a safe home of the right size. A 20-gallon gerbilarium should do for two or more gerbils. If it’s a cage, it should have bars that are close together so your pets don’t escape. Ventilated glass gerbilariums are also popular, but plastic cages are not ideal since the gerbil could easily chew through them.

    Companion Gerbil

    Gerbils are social animals and absolutely love the company of their own kind. It’s best to have at least two gerbils together. You can choose two of the same sex to avoid accidental litter. They aren’t very likely to fight with each other.


    The bedding should be to a depth of around 8 to 12 inches so the furballs can dig around it. Recycled paper bedding, pellet bedding, and rough-grain wood chips are all fine for this tiny animal.

    Water Bottles and Bowls

    Gerbils need fresh water, best delivered through a water bottle meant for small rodents. They also need a bowl for their food in the cage.

    Exercise Equipment

    Your gerbil will do a lot of play to stay healthy. Get them exercise wheels, balls, ramps, or tunnels so they get as much physical activity as they want.

    Proper Diet

    Gerbils are omnivores. Their food consists of a gerbil-specific pellet base, fresh fruits, vegetables, and sometimes protein-like scrambled eggs.

    Chew Toys

    To keep their ever-growing teeth in check, gerbils need chew toys. Banana leaves, cardboard, hay cubes, and seagrass can all work. Or check a pet store for something even fancier.


    Gerbils are small, so they like to hide. Therefore, they should have a secluded spot in their cage to seclude themselves. You can make a hideaway for them yourself or buy a pre-made one.

    Sand Bath

    Gerbils are desert animals that roll in the sand to clean themselves and therefore need a sand bath.

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    What supplies are needed for a gerbil?

    Gerbils need a cage, water bottles and food bowls, exercise equipment, chew toys, and a sand bath.

    What do gerbils like the most?

    Gerbils love having fun together. They also love to dig, chew, and exercise.

    What do gerbils need for housing?

    Gerbils need a cage or a gerbilarium that’s large enough for several of them and escape-proof.

    Do gerbils need a sand bath?

    Yes, gerbils need a sand bath. Because they’re from the desert, they clean themselves by rolling in the sand.

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