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    Bird Cages

    When we hear “exotic pets,” many of us think of spiders and reptiles. But the truth is that any pet which isn’t a cat or a dog is considered exotic. When you’re a bird owner, there’s one thing you absolutely need to have: a bird cage. But choosing a bird cage isn’t as easy as heading to a pet supply store and saying, “I like that one.” The cage you purchase will be your bird’s forever home, and you want to ensure you’re making the right call. First, consider the size of your bird. As you can assume, big birds won’t feel comfortable in a small bird cage. Your bird should have enough space to stretch and move around without feeling cramped. 

    Many bird owners keep the bird cage in their living room or common space. If you’re one of them, aesthetics is another consideration for choosing a cage. The cage can be both a safe spot for your pet and an effective accessory to any room. 

    A gorgeous bird cage won’t mean much to you if it’s not functional. Look for cages for birds with rolling stands, feeder doors, and moveable perches. These features can make your bird’s life more comfortable and the cleaning process a breeze. 

    Whether you’re purchasing small bird cages or pet parrot cages, the quality of construction should be at the top of your priority list. Wooden cages may look great, but they aren’t the wisest option for big birds with sharp beaks.

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    What size bird cages & stands do I need?

    This is probably the most common question and, unfortunately, the answer isn’t straightforward. The number one thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing a cage is your bird’s size. The internet is overflowing with guides and rules for choosing the right size bird cage. Since your priority is your pet’s comfort, find a cage with enough space for your bird to stretch its wings and move around without hurting itself. Don’t forget, you can always talk to experts from a pet supply store if you need some help. 

    What is the best material for bird cages & stands?

    Metal takes the win when it comes to the best material for bird cages. Why? Because it’s strong, resistant, and durable. 

    What colors do bird cages & stands come in?

    Gone are the days when black and silver were the only color options for bird cages (although many still prefer them due to their classic look). Today, you can get any color you imagine. From light pink and yellow to rainbow colors, let your mind go wild. 

    What is the best bird cage & stands brand?

    Some of the most popular options are A&E Cage Company, Yaheetech, and Prevue Pet Products. While the brand’s popularity is important (at least to some people), don’t let it be the deciding factor. Your bird’s comfort should be your priority.

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