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    Rabbit Supplies

    Rabbits are lovable and adorable creatures. While it may seem they don’t need anything except food, water, and your love, these animals aren’t the easiest to care for. So, if you want a pet rabbit, you need to understand the rabbit supplies you’ll need. 

    Let’s start off with the basics. Your rabbit needs a place it can call home, and the best options are a cage or a hutch, depending on the available space. The rabbit’s home needs to be spacious and offer protection against predators. If you have a dog or a cat, be very careful about where you keep your rabbit. 

    Next, rabbits need food and water. Don’t just give your rabbit friends leftovers from your meals. They need hay, grass, pellets, and fresh greens to thrive. Adequate food and water bowls are a must. Take the feeding process to a new level by introducing a food dispenser or a puzzle feeder to your pet.

    Besides the basics, rabbits require mental stimulation. As their caretaker, you need to provide your rabbit with toys. Platforms, tunnels, and plastic pots are all awesome options. 

    Although this doesn’t exactly count as rabbit supplies, we need to emphasize that rabbits are social creatures. Believe it or not, a rabbit that doesn’t have a companion suffers. No amount of human attention can compensate for the company of their own kind. That’s why it’s best to keep rabbits in pairs. 

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    What products do rabbits need?

    Rabbits need to eat grass and hay (at least two types of hay). They won’t refuse occasional snacks, so you can treat them with fresh greens and pellets. Naturally, these creatures need fresh water and lots of love and care. 

    What supplies do I need for an indoor rabbit?

    If you want to keep your rabbit indoors, you may not have enough space for a hutch. In that case, a cage will do just fine, but ensure its safety and quality. You’ll also need the basics, like water, food, and toys. Provide your rabbit with a safe space where it can tuck in and chill but also enjoy engaging activities. If you want to let your rabbit out to play sometimes, ensure to monitor the outside temperature. Rabbits aren’t known for tolerating high temperatures and can suffer from heat stroke. 

    These are just basic rabbit supplies. You’ll need extra stuff if you want to get into rabbit breeding or travel with a rabbit.  

    What do rabbits need everyday?

    The three things rabbits can’t live without are water, food, and your attention. 

    What do rabbits need the most?

    Besides food and water, rabbits need engagement and socialization (just like humans!). In the wild, rabbits live in colonies, so you should offer your pet the companionship of another rabbit if possible.

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