Guinea Pig Supplies

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    Guinea Pig Supplies

    If you’re interested in having guinea pigs as pets, you need to buy a few guinea pig supplies to get started. These cute and energetic creatures need the right environment and cage accessories to stay happy and healthy. This article will help you figure out what your fuzzy little guinea pig friend needs.

    Hiding Places

    Guinea pigs are prey animals, so they like having places to hide to feel safe. Your pet’s cage should have at least one hiding place for each guinea pig that lives there. Ideally, the hiding spots should have two entrances so they aren’t blocked in.

    Water and Food

    Fresh water and food are vital to keep your tiny friend healthy. Add a water bottle to their cage so they can drink whenever they’re thirsty. A food bowl for pellets should be somewhere near it as well. Hay is a big part of a guinea pig’s diet, so don’t forget to give them an easy-to-access hay rack.

    Grooming Tools

    Some guinea pigs have long hair that can get tangled, so you want to have a comb and a pair of scissors around. Hairless guinea pigs (or, as some people call them, skinny pigs) have delicate skin that needs a natural moisturizer like coconut oil.


    Bedding or cage liners absorb urine and make the cage less smelly. Wood shavings, like kiln-dried aspen or pine, are one type of bedding to try. Or you can go with reusable cage liners. They’re more comfortable and good for both long-haired and hairless guinea pigs.


    A roomy cage should be the first and foremost item on your guinea pig supply list. They need space to play and explore and a cramped cage can make them sad and stressed out. The cage should be a minimum of 30 x 50 inches for two guinea pigs.

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    What accessories does a guinea pig need?

    Guinea pigs need a spacious cage, someplace to hide, food, water, and fun toys. Long-haired breeds also need grooming tools, and hairless breeds need skin care products.

    What do guinea pigs need in their hutch?

    Guinea pigs should have bedding or cage liners, a water bottle, a food bowl, and a hay rack in the hutch. 

    What do guinea pigs love the most?

    Guinea pigs love to explore and play, so gifting them lots of fun toys and room to move will keep them happy. They also love fresh vegetables and high-quality hay.

    Should I cover my guinea pig's cage at night?

    Your guinea pig could feel safer if you cover its cage at night. But the cover must be breathable and well-ventilated.

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