Quality Cage Affiliate Program

Sign up for the Quality Cage Crafter Affiliate Program here:

How the Affiliate Program Works

The qualitycage.com Affiliate Program  is a fast and easy way to add E-Commerce to your website and start generating revenue. If you have an animal-based web site, you can join the Qualitycage.com Affiliate Program and earn money by promoting any of our products from your website using the banner links, text links and product feeds we provide you. Each time a visitor clicks from your website to qualitycage.com and makes a purchase, you earn commissions.


Our program offers a tiered commission structure for qualitycage.com purchases made through your website.

You will earn up to 15% commission on referred merchandise net sales with a 30-day cookie for return visitors depending on the total monthly sales volume generated by your website. You get the commission on all first-time sales that take place up to 30 days after you send someone to qualitycage.com. For example, if a customer visits your website and clicks on our banner ad and doesn't buy anything right away, but purchases something at qualitycage.com a few days later, you still get credited for the sale.

Please note that compensation is credited to the last referring Affiliate.

Once you join, you will get a username and password via email, which will allow you to log in and check your reports, including how much commission you have earned.

Almost all merchandise on qualitycage.com counts for a commission. However, we do not pay commission on Gift certificates, Gift Cards, Repeat Delivery purchases, all donations, and insurance policies.

Who Do We Want as Affiliates?

Qualitycage.com wants websites interested in selling our products. We encourage all interested websites to apply to our program. Before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your website. We primarily look for websites that:

  • Are aesthetically pleasing
  • Do not display content that may be deemed pornographic, offensive or promote the mistreatment of animals
  • Are fully up and functional. We will temporarily decline websites that are down or are under heavy construction
  • Do not display coupon codes without prior written permission of the Affiliate Marketing Team
  • Are not personal homepages or personal websites

Joining the Program

It is very simple to get started! Just two quick and easy steps:

1) Read the Qualitycage.com Affiliatly Agreement
2) Complete the brief online application. You will receive an instant email confirming the receipt of your application. We will review your application as soon as possible, typically within 1 or 2 business days.
Upon approval, you will receive information on how to set up links on your website and start earning money! After your application has been approved, you will receive an email containing detailed instructions on how to begin pulling our links and text. Once you are a Qualitycage.com Affiliate, you can get links to put on your websites, and reports about how your links are performing and how much you have earned. It is absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program.

Banners and Graphics

We will provide you with all the necessary banners, graphics, textual links, and marketing support. Once you join, you will get a username and password via email, which allows you to log in and pull the images and code you need.

Your Quality Cage Crafters Purchases

You can get up to 15% commission on your own purchases - just make sure your visitors arrive at Quality Cage website from the link on your website.

Multiple URLs

You may register more than one URL as long as they are different websites and not multiple URLs of the same site.

Designing Your Web Site

You are free to design your website and promote it as you see fit, as long as it does not violate our Affiliate Agreement. Our newsletters also give helpful hints for products, placement and promotion.

Using Quality Cage Crafters Content

You can contact us if you have specific content you would like to use. We will need to approve the use of the content and placement prior to its use.


Trademarks may not be altered, modified, amended, or changed in any way. You are only entitled to use the Marks to the extent that this Affiliate Agreement remains in full force and effect. The use of any such Marks requires the prior written approval of Quality Cage Crafters in all instances.


Quality Cage Crafters welcomes feedback concerning its Affiliate Program. Please send your comments and questions to cages@qualitycage.com.

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