Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA!

Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Silver-Vein
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Teal
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Quality Blue
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Purple
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Pink
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA! Exercise Wheels Quality Cage Crafters Black
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA!
Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA!

Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel - Handmade in USA!

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Our Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Wheel is the perfect way for your furry friend to get some exercise.

This safe, open-wheel design is made with a quality wood backing and metal ring, making it easy to mount to most cages. So make sure your chinchilla and other small animals get the workouts they need with this Chin Spin 15" Chinchilla Exercise Wheel! 

Benefits and Features of our all-metal Wheels:

  • All-metal/wood Construction, No plastic to chew on.
  • Heavy Duty Dual ball bearings for long-lasting performance.
  • Safe metal open-wheel design with a wide running surface.
  • Durably mounts to all wire cages.
  • Smooth & Safe Front Edge.
  • Great for Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Degu's, and even armadillos! 
  • Large 6-1/4" Running Surface.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Metal chew proof design
  • Amazing Customer Reviews!

It is easily mounted to most cages with supplied hardware.

We recommend the bottom of the metal wheel is 2" above the cages floor. It extends 8" from the wall of the cage.
The wood we use is made from Baltic Birch Plywood, is Made in the USA (Texas), and with natural soy-based glues. (Unlike some of our competitors.)

Comes with photo-illustrated installation instructions.

Spinning Maintenence:

How to change your Chin Spin Exercise metal Wheel Bearings:

Who knows how many miles your Chinchilla has run on that thing!?!?

Sounds exhausting to me. But, we all know fitness is needed, so we should all take after our little furicane track champions and hit the dirt. If only there was a way to let those little critters generate electricity on those things!

Now, all that running not only wears us out, but it wears out the spinning Bearings. Good thing we sell replacements that can be found right......HERE.

Anyways, once you have those bearings there is a little more to be done.

Today we're going to teach you how to change your Chinchilla Wheels bearings:

Time: 5 Minutes to complete

Here's what you are going to need:

  • Replacement Chin Spin Bearings.
  • 9/16" Wrench or an adjustable wrench.
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer or Mallet (You don't have to hit too hard :))
  • A piece of wood or something similar.
Eight Steps to change your Chin Spin Bearings:
  1. Remove the 9/16” nylon insert locknut that holds the Chin Spin on the axel bolt by turning it counterclockwise using a 9/16” wrench, box wrench, or if not available pliers or vice grips. 

  2. Slide the metal wheel off of the axle bolt.

  3. Place your Chin Spin wheel face down on a protected surface. Remove the rear bearing by putting a screwdriver in the bearing’s hole; gently rock it back and forth to loosen it. You may need to finish prying it out.

  4. Using a screwdriver or piece of wood, knock out the front bearing.

  5. Turn over the wheel. Use a block of wood to tap the new front bearing in place. Make sure that you tap around the outside edge of the bearing – not on top of the bearing itself – until fully seated.

  6. Repeat the process to install the rear bearing.

  7. Slide the Chin Spin wheel back onto the axle bolt.

  8. On the inside of the wheel, tighten the locknut just until it is snug and there is no “play” in the wheel. Do not over-tighten.


The volcanic ash in your chin’s “Dust Bath” contains fine, abrasive particles that will dramatically shorten the life of the dual ball bearings in the Chin Spin. Locate the Dust Bath away from the Chin Spin; consider taking the bath out when your chin is not using it.

Other Maintenence & Suggestions:

  • Cleaning: Some chinchillas will pee when running. If this is the case you will want to clean the surface of your wheel with a 50-50 vinegar-water mixture once per week. We like to spray it on and then hit it with a soft sponge!
  • Center nut: Over time the nut on the center of the wheel can loosen up. You need to tighten this to keep the wheel spinning soundly! We recommend doing this every time you clean the wheel.
  • If cared for correctly your wheel could last 10+ years!

Actual Customer Reviews:

"I have bought 5 different wheels, 2 being silent spinners, before I decided enough was enough because they were so loud AND kept me up at night since their cage is in my room. The silent spinners were ok, I had them rigged up so they weren't so loud but they do not even compare to this wheel! I wish I would have bought one of these sooner! I have 2 chinchillas and one runs louder than the other on the previous wheels I had, with this one I only hear their cute little feet pitter patting away (sounds like frozen pees very lightly hitting a metal pot). The wheel is huge! I have a critter nation 2 story and it takes up a little over half the bottom level. With it being so big, a person won't have to worry about their chins running uncomfortably. So yes, splurge and get this wheel! 100x worth the money!"

 Teal chin Spin

"Honestly, this is the best Chinchilla wheel ever. I finally bought this wheel in January of 2018 after debating about buying it since mid-2017. I was worried this wheel would be damaged due to the FedEx delivery guy throwing it on my porch but it wasn't dented or anything. It is definitely one of the best chinchilla wheel designs you could ever come across. I absolutely love that this wheel has a wide running space. It provides plenty of running space for my large chinchilla girl. My chinchilla used to have the stupid, poorly design 12-inch Kaytee Silent Spinner wheel which I hated because she would hop instead of run and she would fall of it because it was too narrow for her plus it was also loud. I've tried other silent wheels and honestly, you're going to hear some noises no matter what wheel you have but this one is the quietest by far; the others were very loud in comparison. This wheel is perfect. It's spacious, durable, quiet, and allows my chinchilla to run the way chinchillas are supposed to run. I'm so happy she has a 15-inch chin spin wheel, it was completely worth it. The only negative for me is that the paint of this wheel comes off when my chinchilla chews on it, she literally chews EVERYTHING she owns plus the things she thinks she owns, but that is not a fault on this product, only my chinchilla. Otherwise, I see this wheel lasting a very long time. highly recommend."

 purple chin spin

"I'm glad I did some research. This wheel is perfect for my chin baby. She has plenty of room to stretch when running. My chin came in a small cage and I question if it ever had an exercise wheel. We upgraded her to a much bigger cage and this wheel arrived about a week later. She ran and wore herself out so much that she was falling asleep on her side. It's amazing how quickly she can pick up speed. Sometimes I hear her running at night, but it's a lot quieter than I anticipated it would be. Well made and will last a long time, I'm sure!

Edit Added year later: Still going great on the first bearing it came with."

 blue chin spin in cage

"Not 100% silent, but pretty close!
Easy for rats to use, easy to mount, easy to clean. Pretty wide, so you can have two females walk together. This would be a bit small for jumbo males because their backs would arch more.
We had one skittish rat disliked the sound of her feet tinkling against the metal.
We had taught another rat to use it, and that rat eventually taught our skittish rat to use it without issue.
I'd definitely recommend this over a ball. Balls are never big enough, are unwieldy for the rat to control, and are like a prison because they can't get off when they please. This is much better and they seem to enjoy it."

chinchilla on exercise wheel

Customer Reviews

Based on 401 reviews

This is the only wheel I will use for my chinchillas. It’s got a wide platform for them to rub on and its diameter is big enough that it will not hurt their back. I have 8 of these. One for each of my cages.

Jon D.
Best wheel on the market

Strongest longest lasting wheel made. The last one lasted 14 years

Perfect size!

I am happy with the overall size and appearance of our wheel. I went with this wheel for the wider track which is perfect for our chin. I went ahead and ordered extra bearings when I ordered the wheel since it was mentioned in groups I'm in that eventually it will start making noise when the bearings wear out.

Kaitlyn B.
The best wheel!

I've had my chin spin wheel for like 10 years. It has lasted forever and I just change out the bearings if it gets loud. I'm finally buying a new one as it has worn out a bit around the bearings. My chinchillas LOVE it and so do I!!!

Isabelle B.
Good but LOUD

I’ve had this wheel for about a month now and it squeaks INCREDIBLY LOUDLY, if you’re okay with that noise it’s great..

Great Wheel, Did Arrive Very Late

This wheel works great! My little guy loves it and it makes no noise. The color of the wheel is vibrant and eye catching. My only complaint would be that it took a few extra weeks to arrive even though the site lists it as taking only 15-20 days to arrive which is why a knocked a star off. The site should definitely list the amount of days as longer. Other than that, it’s a great product!

Eric P.
End all for squirrels boredom

It took me awhile to give an honest review only because the squirrels that I have overwintering were a bit unsure of their soon to be "best friend!" Cutting to the chase out of the nine in this enclosure 6 of them LOVE IT! From as soon as they wake and put themselves to bed that wheel doesn't stop spinning for long. In fact, they are sometimes impatient waiting for their turn at the wheel they just jump in with the current squirrel running! You're furry friends will thank you for their new toy... so buy one or 2! Off to buy another one for my 3½ yr old NR!

Amanda R.
Buying my 3rd soon

I've had chinchillas for over 5 years now, and had spent a lot of time looking for a decent wheel. This meant something that was an appropriate size, and something that would be good quality. The first wheel that I bought from these guys has been going strong for 5 years, and even though they send some spare parts, I've never needed them. I also didn't have the option of colours at the time, so that was a nice surprise when I got my second.

I now have a 3rd chinchilla that I was hoping to put in the same cage as one of my other ones, but that doesn't look like it's going to be possible, at least not for some time. So because of that, I will soon be looking to buy a 3rd wheel.

Sure, there's some rattling noise when they use the wheels, but I think that should be expected with the force that they use. If it's a calm run, you won't get that. I've never had any squeaking noises that happen with plastic wheels.

This is the wheel to go with!


My chinchillas absolutely love this wheel! It took a long time to get here, but it was totally worth the wait. I would highly recommend this company and will order from them again!!

Sarah L.F.
This is The One

My husband and I had a big debate before we bought this wheel. The main question being... are we really going to spend over $100 on a chinchilla wheel?!? And then we did the math, and realized we had already spent more than the cost of this wheel on the four (YES, FOUR) other wheels and saucers that our girl had worn out and broken because she LOVES to run.
And now I'm here, almost three years on from buying this wheel, because it is absolutely worth it. She still loves running. She's a rescue, so we're not sure of her exact age, but she loves running now as much as the day we got her. And this wheel is so quiet that we barely notice when she hops in it, even though the cage is in our living room and she frequently runs while we're watching TV. It is so quiet, even when she gets it spinning up super fast (we've considered developing a revolution counter/RPM meter for it, just to see how much/fast she runs on it. Still in development though). It is super-easy to attach to her cage and move around if necessary. She's also a pretty big girl, and the 15" diameter means she can stretch out and do the long runs or the fun little hops if she prefers, and there's no issues with a center bar impeding her or anything.
All around, I just cannot recommend this wheel enough. It's absolutely worth every penny, and Minccinno would definitely tell you the same (except it's prime naptime here, so I'm not going to wake her up for her opinion).