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    Ferret Cages

    Your ferret needs more than just a place to stay. What they need from a cage is a comfy home. Pick the best cage you can afford to guarantee your pet’s happiness and well-being. This article will tell you all about what makes a great ferret cage — including which features are essential and which are simply nice to have.

    Why It Matters to Pick the Right Cage

    Ferrets are full of energy and love making friends — human or otherwise. That’s why you’ll need to ensure their living space is simultaneously safe and stimulating. A good ferret cage should have plenty of room to explore, relax, and play around. And since they’re quite curious and adventurous, it needs to be secure enough to keep them from running off and getting into trouble.

    Types of Ferret Cages

    Multi-level cages have much room for exploration and climbing. Meanwhile, wire cages are great for stability and ventilation, but they might encourage them to climb. The wires should be narrow enough so they can’t escape. Alternatively, plastic cages are easy to clean and can have fun accessories like tubes.

    What to Look For in a Ferret Cage

    Before buying a cage for a ferret, think about the space they’ll need to move around and play. It’s good to get one with a lock, as ferrets are experts at getting out of places. Also, look for one that has or can have accessories like hammocks and toys so your furry friend has something to keep them entertained.

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    Do ferrets need a cage?

    Yes, ferrets do need a cage. Even though they are social and playful creatures, they also need a safe place to take some time out. Also, having them in the cage lets you keep an eye on their health and behavior.

    How long can you leave a ferret alone?

    Ferrets are independent but need companionship and stimulation. So if you plan to be away for a while, make sure your furry friend has enough food, water, toys, and hopefully another ferret for company. Aim to give them around four hours of supervised playtime away from their cage each day.

    How much is a ferret cage?

    How much you’ll pay for a ferret cage depends on how big and feature-rich it is. Generally, a decent-quality, spacious ferret cage will cost between $100 and $300.

    What do ferrets need in their cage?

    Ferret cages need a cozy place to rest, a clean litter box to do their business in, dishes for food and water, and fun toys. Many ferrets love activity accessories, like tunnels and hammocks too.

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