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    Chinchilla Toys

    What’s it like having chinchillas as pets? They’re fun and friendly but also quite shy! Also, they are relatively easy to care for, so they can be perfect pets for those who don’t have a lot of free time. Chinchillas and cats/dogs may not be the best combo, but you can have them all if you keep your rodent pet safe in a cage. Since they can be incredible pets, many people find themselves searching for “chinchillas near me.” 

    If you google “Chinchilla lifespan,” you’ll see these adorable creatures can live between 10 and 20 years, so you’ll have company for a long time. 

    Here, we won’t discuss the basic necessities of these animals, like chinchilla food and water. Instead, we’ll dig deep into what chinchillas do for fun. They need engagement, so purchasing chinchilla toys is a must. You’ll find these toys at almost any pet store

    The first thing we’ll recommend is a lava ledge. This toy doubles as a climbing device, a chewing toy, and a teeth sharpener. It’s affordable and versatile, as you can place it on any side of the cage. 

    If chinchillas could talk and express their opinion about their favorite toys, our guess is that many would say knot nibblers. These engaging toys are made of wood and have a rattling sound that attracts your chinchilla to play. They also promote dental health and allow teeth sharpening. 

    Seagrass balls are also a great toy option for your chinchilla. They’re practical and functional since they keep your chinchilla stimulated and prevent malocclusions.

    You’ll find all the chinchilla supplies (including cages and chinchilla treats like goji berries and dried fruit) at Quality Cage. 


    Do chinchillas need chew toys?

    Chinchillas are rodents, and their teeth never stop growing. They need to “wear down” their teeth by chewing on something, and toys are a great option. So, chinchillas need toys not just for fun but also to keep their teeth in top condition. 

    Do chinchillas play with toys?

    Chinchillas are curious and active creatures. They will take any opportunity to have fun and play with toys. To chinchillas, playing is often synonymous with chewing, so don’t think that your pet isn’t having fun if it’s only gnawing on toys. 

    How to make chinchilla toys.

    The chinchilla cost is pretty low, and the toys aren’t too expensive. But, you can always make the toys more special by making them yourself. All you’ll need is a piece of chinchilla-safe wood, and you can create any shape you like. If you’re not sure what to do, you can search the internet and discover awesome ideas. 

    What toys can chinchillas have?

    Your chinchilla can enjoy a wide range of toys, from chewable wooden figurines to toilet paper tubes. These adorable creatures aren’t picky and will chew on anything, so ensure that what you give them is 100% safe. If you notice your chinchilla is acting strangely, visit a chinchilla vet immediately.

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