Time For A ‘Fur’ever Home - Where To Find A Chinchilla For Sale Near Me

by Morgan Mulac

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Likelihood is that if you're reading this, you're thinking about getting a chinchilla as a pet over the coming months. Once you have all the information about how to properly care for a chinchilla, you may be wondering where you can find chinchillas for sale.

You can find chinchillas locally, online, through rescues, breeders, and peer-to-peer websites like Craigslist and Facebook. Let’s take a look at all of the options below so you can decide what’s right for you.

Before You Get A Chinchilla

There will be an article out on what you should purchase before you bring your chinchilla home in the near future, but for now let's talk about what you need to have in your car when you pick it up for the first time.

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It is extremely important to find a suitable carrying cage and the correct lining for the cage before you get your new chinchilla, as you will want to ensure that your chinchilla has a comfortable place to be while it is being transported to its new home.

Although it is not a must, having some Timothy Hay on hand would also be a good idea so you can provide your chinchilla with an additional snack while on the move. If you are rehoming a chinchilla over 6 months, you can bring along some small treats as well

How To Buy A Chinchilla Online

It's great to know that, nowadays, finding chinchillas online is a much simpler and easier task than it used to be. There are now more people who can purchase chinchillas online than ever before.

Google is truly your friend when it comes to buying a chinchilla online, as you can search for terms as ‘chinchilla for sale near me’ and find options for breeders or rescues near you. When searching on Craigslist or Facebook you can also use filters to whittle the options down to be closer to you.

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Chinchilla rescues are one of the most reputable places to get a chinchilla. In the past we’ve covered the stories of NOLA Chinchilla Rescue and Canadian Chinchilla Rescue - and it’s a true highlight to how much these rescuers care about the chinchillas they take in.

The best place to find young or baby chinchillas may be to go to a breeder. This is because rescues and peer-to-peer adoptions are usually for older chinchillas that were either in bad homes or in homes where the owners were no longer able or willing to care for the chinchillas.

When it comes to rescues, it's important to remember that in the case of neglect, there is a possibility that you could be looking at a disabled chinchilla. Disabilities in chinchillas can range from more manageable issues like blindness, to more serious ones like malocclusions or amputations.

Most rescues have a very thorough application process for chinchillas - this is done in order to ensure that the home in which the chinchilla will live will be of the highest quality for the animals. In all, a chinchilla rescue is an excellent place to find your new furry friend.

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It is quite common for potential chinchilla owners to raise an eyebrow when initially thinking about working with a breeder, since there are varying opinions when it comes to dog and cat breeders. However, chinchilla breeders are typically much more reputable, and very different from what you may have in mind.

Breeders of chinchillas are always making sure that the area where their animals are located are as clean and safe as possible. In addition to that, the majority of chinchilla breeders use the best products and cages they can to ensure the health of their chinchillas.

During the adoption process, breeders follow a very thorough approach, just as rescue groups would do, because they want to ensure the animals they spent a lot of time and care breeding go to a good home and family that love them after they have been adopted.

After the adoption process has been completed (which is normally done before the chinchilla is born), you can expect your breeder to hold the chinchilla and care for it for you until they are weaned off their mother’s milk and at a certain weight, so that you can smooth out their transition to their new home and eating pellet food diet. They are usually weaned from their mother at 8 weeks of age. 

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We would like to make a disclaimer here that you should make sure you find a reputable breeder and NOT a backyard breeder. A backyard breeder can be extremely unethical, which is why you should take your time when choosing a breeder who treats and breeds their chinchillas with the best care they can possibly provide.

Backyard breeders tend to lack the knowledge of an experienced and reputable breeder, and will often breed unpedigreed chinchillas (having a pedigree means that its heritage has been traced for any health problems and that it has been approved for breeding).

In addition, there are a number of other issues that can come up with backyard breeders such as overworking the mother, since chinchillas can become pregnant very soon following the birth of their first kits.

If you want to find out if you are dealing with a legitimate breeder or a backyard breeder, you must ask plenty of questions in order to make the right decision. Asking them if you can see the conditions the chinchilla lives in, whether or not they are pedigreed chinchillas, and requesting proof of their pedigree are great places to start.

Rehoming Chinchillas on Craigslist

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Regarding chinchilla rehoming, a website as Craigslist is another option to consider when you're looking at getting a new pet chinchilla. As with adoption, it is important to ensure that you are not buying from a backyard breeder but rather from a pet owner who is unable to care for their chinchilla any longer and who wants to sell it to you.

In the event that you interested to rehome one chinchilla and find that they are part of a bonded pair, we recommend that you keep the pair together. Occasionally, chinchillas can be separated from each other, but that is usually done at a very young age when they haven't yet had a chance to bond and become a pair with one another.

In the same way that you would follow your instincts when buying anything off Craigslist, it is important that you follow those same instincts when buying a chinchilla online. We would advise you to avoid purchasing a chinchilla through anyone who seems sketchy or scammy in any way, so as not to put yourself or the chinchilla in any danger.

Rehoming Chinchillas Through Facebook

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While Facebook rehoming is similar to Craigslist, it is more of a community-based option. A number of Facebook groups have been set up for the purpose of rehoming chinchillas, so you can look them up and see if anyone near you is looking for an owner for their chinchilla.

In comparison to other website-based options such as Craigslist, there are several advantages of joining a rehoming group on Facebook, including the ability to vet the individuals you are meeting more easily than on other websites.

Many of the Facebook groups created for the purpose of rehoming pets are private groups, which require members to answer a series of questions in order to be allowed to join and be a member. This is one of the most important steps to preventing people from getting scammed in these groups.

Getting A Pet Store Chinchillas

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Quality Cage Crafters is firmly committed to encouraging you not to acquire your chinchilla from a chain pet store, even if you only want to improve the quality of a chinchilla’s life. We can't stress enough how important it is to discourage you from doing that.

The conditions in which pet stores often keep their chinchillas and other pets can be quite disastrous for their health and well-being, and many of the employees in the pet stores are not properly trained to be able to care for chinchillas as a breeder or a rescue would be able to.

Among the most common examples of poor treatment for chinchillas in pet stores are improper bedding that is toxic when ingested, low-quality toys, and temperatures that are unsuitable for chinchillas to live in, as well as a diet that may lead to gastrointestinal issues in the future.

Unfortunately, many owners who have gotten their chinchillas from a pet store have reported that their chinchillas have a significantly decreased lifespan from the poor treatment they received. As such, we can not recommend it in good faith.

You might think that getting a chinchilla out of that sort of environment would be a good idea; however, the best thing you can do is to avoid purchasing a chinchilla from a pet store until workers improve the way they handle chinchillas in the pet store.

In Conclusion

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In an age when there are so many places to get chinchillas, it can be overwhelming to decide where you might purchase them from. As we end this guide, we hope you have gained a good general understanding of what you can expect from the options that are available to you.

At the end of the day, the most important thing with any of these options is that you find a chinchilla that you love and that you know that you can provide a comfortable and safe environment for your chinchilla, so that it can thrive and live a long happy life in your care.


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