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    Hedgehog Supplies

    Hedgehogs aren’t the cuddliest of pets, and many people would never even think about cuddling them due to the quills on their backs. Since they’re nocturnal creatures, they’re the ideal pet for night owls. These adorable animals spend most of their days napping and “go wild” during the night. 

    If you want a hedgehog as your pet, you should be aware that keeping it happy takes a lot of effort. Hedgehogs are high-maintenance and have complex needs. 

    The first thing you’ll need is a cage. It should be an escape-proof enclosure that will keep the hedgehog safe, as this animal can be quite skilled and find its way out easily. The floor of the cage should be solid, because the hedgehog’s little feet can get caught in the wire. We recommend lining the cage with newspaper, which you can easily replace as needed. 

    When it comes to food, you can purchase hedgehog-specific dry and wet food at a hedgehog supply store. But, don’t forget that hedgehogs are gourmets and enjoy eating insects. Treat your pet with an occasional worm, cricket, or beetle. 

    Like many humans, hedgehogs recharge their batteries when they’re alone. If you want to keep your hedgehog happy, provide it with a hiding place where it can relax. 

    A spinning wheel is also a valuable addition to your hedgehog’s home, as it will keep it active. Hedgehogs love having fun and should always have access to a variety of toys. Tunnels, balls, mazes, stuffed animals, and tubes are excellent options.

    You can find high-quality hedgehog supplies at Quality Cage. 


    What helps hedgehog milk production?

    High-calorie food is one of the best ways to help hedgehog milk production. If you have a pregnant or lactating hedgehog, consult your vet about what food to introduce. 

    What do you need for hedgehogs?

    Hedgehogs need a spacious cage, high-quality food (including treats in the form of insects), clean water, and toys. They also need daily exercise since they’re prone to obesity, so a spinning wheel is a good option. 

    What household product can I use to bathe a hedgehog?

    You can bathe your hedgehog with tear-free baby shampoos or mild dish soaps. Aggressive cleaning products can damage their skin.

    What do hedgehogs need for toys?

    They enjoy exploring, so the ideal toys are tunnels, tubes, and mazes.

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