Rat Cage Accessories

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    Rat Cage Accessories

    You may have chosen the best cage you could find for your beloved pet rat, but that’s only the first step in creating a real home for them. The accessories you add to the cage can hugely impact their quality of life. This guide will give you a rundown on all these accessories to keep your furball happy, healthy, and entertained.


    To give your pet the best chance of reaching the maximum rat lifespan, they must enjoy quality naps on comfortable bedding. Try paper or aspen bedding. They’re safe, natural, and absorbent.

    Toys and Enrichment

    Rats love to have fun, just like people. Toys like tunnels, hammocks, and climbing elements will give your pet hours of fun and great mental stimulation. Sure, they may not seem as vital as something like food, but no rat will be happy without something to keep them busy.

    Food and Water Dispensers

    Your rat needs balanced rat food. So get them some high-quality food bowls and water bottles that are easy to clean and refill.

    Litter Box

    A small litter box with non-toxic litter will keep the cage clean as your pet will learn to use it to “do its business.”

    How to Buy Rat Cage Accessories

    Keep these things in mind when buying accessories for a rat cage:

    • There shouldn’t be any sharp edges or small parts that could be a choking hazard.
    • It’s best to go for non-toxic and easy-to-clean materials.
    • The accessories need to fit your rat cage well without making it too crowded.

    DIY Rat Cage Accessories

    If you happen to be a creative type, you can also make your own DIY rat cage accessories. Homemade hammocks, cardboard tunnels, and the like are all DIY-friendly. Just remember to use safe, non-toxic materials.

    But to really give your little friend the best possible life, stock up on pet rat supplies from trusty sources so that you find items that can last – Quality Cage is right here to give you just that.


    What should I put in my rat cage?

    You should put bedding, toys, food, and water dispensers, and a litter box in your pet rat‘s cage.

    What do you put on the floor of a rat cage?

    Paper or aspen bedding is best for the floor of a rat cage.

    What is the best enrichment for a rat cage?

    Toys like tunnels, hammocks, and climbing structures are excellent for entertainment purposes.

    How to make rat cage accessories?

    You can make DIY rat cage accessories with materials like fabric, cardboard, and wood, as long as they’re safe for the pet.

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