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    Chinchilla Cages

    You searched for “chinchilla near me” and found yourself a pet. Congratulations! Now, the first step toward creating a lovely home for your chinchilla is finding a cage. Remember, this is where your chinchilla will spend most of its time, so you should make it as cozy and secure as possible. 

    First, your adorable pet’s cage should be spacious. If the cage is too small, your chinchilla will feel uncomfortable and won’t have enough room to embark on exploration adventures. Then, the floor should be covered with bedding; pine shavings are a good option. Try to avoid “naked” wire mesh floors, as they can damage your pet’s sensitive feet. 

    One of the things that make chinchillas as pets so interesting is their personality. They’re active and love exercise, both physical and mental. As their “parent,” you need to provide your chinchilla with fun things to do while in the cage. Add tunnels, tubes, spinning wheels, or balls that will keep your pet engaged. Dust baths are also a must, as chinchillas love taking great care of themselves. 

    Needless to say, fresh water and food should always be at your chinchilla’s disposal. 

    If you need help choosing chinchilla supplies, our team at Quality Cage is ready to help. We sell chinchilla food (including chinchilla treat like goji berries and dried fruit), chinchilla toys, and exceptional cages. 


    What cage is best for a chinchilla?

    The best cage for a chinchilla is one that is safe, spacious, and has everything your chinchilla needs (water, food, and toys). Don’t forget that you should let your chinchilla roam around outside the cage as often as possible. 

    What is the best cage for 2 chinchillas?

    Two chinchillas can share the same cage and there’s no maximum limit on how large it should be. An expert from a pet store can help you select the best one. 

    Should I cover my chinchilla's cage at night?

    There’s no need to cover your chinchilla’s cage at night. 

    Should chinchillas be in a cage all day?

    No. Chinchillas are like small animal detectives and love exploring the space around them. You should let them out of the cage as often as possible. Of course, ensure the area is chinchilla-proof. 

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