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    Prairie Dog Cage

    Although their name may indicate otherwise, prairie dogs have nothing to do with dogs. These animals are herbivorous squirrels mostly found in North America. They were named “dogs” because they make a noise similar to a dog’s bark. 

    Prairie dogs are very social and active. They can be great exotic pets, but only if you put in the time and effort to train and care for them. 

    A prairie dog cage is one of the essential supplies you’ll need for your new friend. Prairie dogs are true explorers, and you should provide them with plenty of space for their “research.” What does this mean? The golden rule is to purchase as large a cage as possible. You’ll never hear someone say, “That cage is too big for your prairie dog.” 

    In terms of material, metal is the best option. Wooden cages may look trendy, but they aren’t the best option. Don’t forget that your prairie dog is a rodent whose teeth never stop growing. Cages made of wood are relatively easy to chew through, and a prairie dog on the loose is a recipe for chaos. Even a metal cage isn’t 100% escape-proof. Prairie dogs are true escape artists, so if you want to prevent undesired scenarios, ensure the cage is locked at all times. 

    Preferably, all sides of the cage should be unobstructed. If that’s not doable, keep at least one side exposed to ensure proper airflow. 

    High cage sides are a must because prairie dogs love burying, hiding, and digging, and things can get very messy. You should change the bedding in the cage at least once a week (preferably more often) to keep everything sanitary and tidy. 

    Unlike many other rodents, prairie dogs aren’t climbers, so there’s no need for shelves. 

    You can find a wide range of prairie dog cages at Quality Cage. 


    What kind of cage does a prairie dog need?

    Prairie dogs require cages made of sturdy and durable materials resistant to sharp teeth. The cage should be spacious and offer plenty of room for your prairie dog to explore. 

    What size cage does a prairie dog need?

    If you Google “Prairie dog cages,” you’ll likely find extensive instructions on choosing the right cage for your pet. You can scratch all that and focus on getting the largest cage you can fit into your room (and afford). Prairie dogs need plenty of space, and you can never go wrong with a large cage. 

    How do you keep a prairie dog as a pet?

    The best (and the safest) way to keep your prairie dog is in a cage. 

    Will prairie dogs use a litter box?

    In theory, prairie dogs can be potty-trained. In practice, it all depends on the effort you put into training your pet.

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