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Quality Rat Cage

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Rat Cage

Our metal pet rat cage is the perfect home for your furry friends. Made of sturdy 16 gauge 1/2" x 1" steel wire mesh, this cage is built to last. The removable 3" deep powder-coated steel pan allows for easy cage cleaning. It sits securely at the bottom of the cage, attached with springs and hooks. The smooth, corrosion-resistant surface of the steel pan serves as the floor of the cage, providing a safe and comfortable place for your rats to live.

Measuring 30" wide x 18" deep x 24" high, this cage provides plenty of space for your rats to explore and express themselves. The first level features a flat bottom and two height-adjustable balconies with 1/2" x 1/2" wire ramps, allowing your rats to climb and play. The cage also comes with two sturdy steel carrying handles, making it easy to move from one location to another.

When it comes to choosing the right size cage for your rats, it's important to consider their needs. Most pet rats will spend the majority of their time in their cage, so it's essential to provide them with enough space to move around and play. However, it's worth noting that a larger cage is always better, as long as it's well-designed to take advantage of the extra space.

When it comes to bar spacing, it's important to choose a cage with bars that are close enough together to prevent your rats from escaping or getting injured. The best bar spacings for rats are 1/2". Cages with wider bar spacing can be used for adult rats, but they may not be safe for smaller rats.

In terms of shape, the ideal rat cage is tall and wide, providing plenty of vertical space for climbing and horizontal space for running and playing. However, the size and shape of your cage may be dictated by the space you have available in your home. If you need to put your cage on a table or dresser, a short but wide cage may be a better choice, while a tall cage on a stand can work well if it needs to stand alone on the floor.

Overall, our metal pet rat cage is a durable, spacious, and safe home for your furry friends. With its powder-coated steel pan, adjustable balconies, and sturdy carrying handles, it has everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy, regardless of the types of pet rats you have. Plus, it's built to last a lifetime. 


How big should a rat cage be?

Choosing the correct size of pet cages is one of the elementary principles of pet care. Rats are active animals that need plenty of space to climb, run, and explore. In other words, their cage should be spacious. For a single rat, the cage should be at least 18 x 15 x 12.50 inches in size. Increase the cage size proportionally for each added rat to avoid infighting and give your pets enough space to exercise, play, sleep, and snack on delicious rat food.

What do rats need in their cage?

At the minimum, rats need the right bedding, food, water bottle, and a nest box. But imagine being locked in a cage with all the rats and nothing to do, and you’ll understand why shopping for additional rat supplies is crucial. Throw some toys, objects, and activities into the mix, and your pet rats will remain happy and healthy for a long time.

How to clean a rat cage?

Before cleaning a rat cage, remove its inhabitants and place them somewhere safe. Then, take out all the entertainment objects and clean them. Next, it’s time for the bedding to go. With the cage practically empty, you can clean it carefully using warm water and a pet-safe disinfectant. Once done, leave it to air dry for at least 30 minutes. Afterward, there’s nothing left to do but to set it back up, replacing the bedding, food, and water in the process.

How to set up a rat cage?

To properly set up a rat cage, consider three important aspects – bedding, furniture, and toys. Don’t forget to add hanging ferret beds, as each rat in a cage likes having a hidden place to sleep. Add more privacy and finish up this rat cage setup with a wooden hideout for each rat.

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