Cholla Wood

Cholla Wood Wood Quality Cage Crafters
Cholla Wood Wood Quality Cage Crafters

Cholla Wood

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Cholla Wood for Chinchillas

Adding cholla wood (the dried, fibrous core of a cholla cactus) into your chinchilla’s cage comes with numerous benefits. Not only will this wood serve as captivating décor, but it will also help your chinchilla combat boredom and keep its teeth in optimal condition.

As with all of our exotic pet supplies, we strive to offer only the best of the best for your furry friends, be they chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or gerbils. That’s why we sell 100% natural cholla wood. This wood has been hand-collected and cleaned of any pesticides and chemicals, making it 100% chinchilla-safe.

You can even turn cholla wood into a foraging toy, filling it with chinchilla food pellets or chinchilla treats like chamomile, goji berries, marigold, or hibiscus flowers.

At Quality Cage, we can help you with everything before and after you buy a chinchilla, from guiding you on the chinchilla cost and lifespan to offering numerous chinchilla supplies, including chinchilla toys, food, and treats. With Quality Cage, having chinchillas as pets will be a breeze!


What wood is best for chinchillas?

When it comes to chinchillas, safe woods include species like apple, bamboo, cholla, elm, hazelnut, kiln-dried wood, pear, and willow. Any species from this list will be the best wood for chinchillas, as it allows them to keep their ever-growing teeth in optimal health without worrying about any toxins.

How do you sterilize cholla wood?

To sterilize cholla wood, simply boil it for five to 10 minutes. Any longer, and you risk weakening its structure. The boiling process will get rid of all the potential chemicals (and creatures) this porous wood harbors.


Is cholla wood good for aquariums?

Yes, cholla wood is good for aquariums. In fact, it’s one of the most popular pieces used to decorate an aquarium due to its lively and aesthetically pleasing appearance. As for the aquatic creatures, shrimps are particularly fond of this wood.

Can chinchillas eat cedar wood?

No, chinchillas can’t eat cedar wood. Cedar belongs to the wood species that are toxic to your chin, so avoid using it in and around the cage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Anneliese I.
Chins Love it!

Chinchillas love it, I just wish it was sold in bulk.

Chinchilla approved

My chin chewed these cholla logs right up!

Tiffany E.
Good chewing enrichment

I was hoping they would be larger but they are small for chinchillas.

Avian C.
Lasts and chins love it!!

I really like this wood for my chins. It seems to last longer than your normal Cherry would Plus it is a really cool shape so it's fun to watch them hold on to it as they chew. Thx again y'all

Cholla wood - toy & treat

My chinchillas seem to view the cholla wood pieces more as toys to carry & knock off their shelves than to chew on, and their antics make me laugh! Natural, long lasting treat/toy.

Cholla wood

Great product!! My chinchilla loves them!

M. P.
Frida and Izzy say…

Cholla woods are their favorite and I always buys these here.

Sara K.
Cholla Wood - What a Treat!

Chins Cami and Kati picked out the gogi berries - great idea to stuff a few in the cracks - then proceeded to chew up the chollas! They were completely gone by the next day! I think they really liked them! I need to order more.

Janel M.
No idea what a cholla cactus is, but loves its wood

Marco the Chinchilla really likes his new cholla wood. When presented with a choice of a piece of cholla, an applewood stick, and a whole rose hip for a treat, he almost always selects the cholla. I off break little pieces because he would probably completely destroy a whole cholla chunk within a couple of hours. A piece of cholla is my new go-to when I need to distract him for awhile to do cage maintenance.

Nikolay T.
It aestatically appealing and...

my chin went to chew it immediately as i dropped this wood in the cage, that's what counts even more.