Organic Dried Hibiscus

Organic Dried Hibiscus Chinchilla Treat Quality Cage Crafters
Organic Dried Hibiscus Chinchilla Treat Quality Cage Crafters

Organic Dried Hibiscus

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100% Organic dried hibiscus

Our organic hibiscus consists of flower petals from Hibiscus sabdariffa and are completely chinchilla safe! Dried hibiscus flowers are a great chinchilla treat and a small pinch of the flowers can be offered every 2-3 days. Use in a floral treat mix, garnish some chinchilla food, or place into some cholla wood for some fun enrichment!

You will receive a 1 oz bag of dried organic hibiscus flowers. 

Remember to introduce treats gradually and never give to chinchillas under 6 months of age. Young chinchillas can have chinchilla-safe wood chews.

Use all treats in moderation to give your chinchilla a long and healthy life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Chris D.
Special treat!

I added Hibiscus to my Chinchilla’s treats about a month ago. I only give him treats three times per week and I alternate between other wonderful treats from Quality Cage Crafters. This Hibiscus is definitely his favorite, when he knows it’s hibiscus he jumps on me and eats it on my shoulder ( he’s not a handle me chinchilla) lol

Sara K.
More yummy petals

Our nice "Mommy" just keeps coming up with yummy treats for us! We love the variety! Always fun to see what's in our little red bowl! We are two lucky chinchillas! Cami & Kati


Yummy treat for my chinchies!

Sebastian E.
Great treats

Great value size pack of these crunchy treats, my chin loves them


I like giving these to my chinchillas so they have a variety of treats

Josephine N.
Dried hibiscus is very yummy

Got my dried hibiscus leaves for my sweet girl Pepper. (Actually she's not really sweet she just wants treats). She loved them and has been begging for them since her first taste. Very good quality and I will definitely be placing another order soon for more yummy treats.

Tatiana S.
My chin is obsessed!

I got some of these for my chin and she's obsessed. This might be her new favorite treat!

Mr. Woo has Flower Power!

He loves all the organic products from Quality Cage including his Hibiscus. I mix a little bit in with his dry pellets so he always get's a little surprise bit of a treat. We love Quality Cage's organic treats for our chin and know he is getting the best!! Thanks Quality Cage!

Alison R.

Again you guys send great quality stuff. My chin grabs these like she is in heaven.


My chins enjoy this when I put it in cholla wood