Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb

Chinchilla Apple Sticks Wood Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Apple Sticks Wood Quality Cage Crafters

Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb

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100% Natural apple tree sticks.

Apple sticks are great as an enriching chinchilla treat and for keeping trim teeth. They are a healthy part of a daily chinchilla diet.

You will receive an 8oz mix of sticks of various thicknesses. The wood is collected by hand from an organic and pesticide-free orchard, washed, and baked in the US making these sticks completely chinchilla safe!

Chinchillas will eat small twigs whole, but generally chew the bark off the thicker sticks and coins and revisit occasionally to chew on the wood center.

These are safe to give your chinchilla as often as you would like! We recommend at least 1-2 sticks per day. Wood chews help keep a rodent’s teeth from becoming overgrown, thus they make a great chinchilla dental treat. You can place them in hiding spots around the cage to give your furicane a challenge or place them right on top of the chinchilla food in the bowl! They are also great training treats to give as the last treat in a session so the chinchilla can have some good thinking time while he or she enjoys the bark on the wood!

Applewood is safe to give to chinchillas of any age.

Our apple sticks are also fantastic for degus, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils!

Customer Reviews

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Linda N.
Favorite 😍

Chin’s favorite chew sticks!!

Chins love 'em

My chinchilla approves of these apple sticks -- which is the highest praise anything on planet earth can earn. If it pleases the discerning dictator in a furry suit, it can only be of the highest quality.


Excellent quality!! Love supporting small businesses!!!

Hillary S.
Most delectable

My 15 year old chin, Yodelay (Little Yo) LOVES these apple sticks. Very reliable, and good for his chompers too. Plus, it's extremely cute to watch him grasp and nibble, almost like corn on the cob...


They love em


Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb


Our Chinchilla loves these over other Apple sticks we have purchased in the past. I love that they are thicker and size of the pack.

Chinchilla approved!

Good amount of sticks for the price and most importantly the chinchillas approve!


Good but the picture is misleading. You don't actually get coins. This is the second order where I only received sticks and not the coins. My boys really liked the coins but I guess they still use old pictures and won't update their descriptions to reflect the change.

Hannah S.

My chinchilla goes crazy for these apple sticks! Good size bundle and will last a while