Chinchilla litter box
Chinchilla litter box Chinchilla litter box with bedding Chinchilla litter box inside cage
$ 59.99

The perfect Chinchilla litter pan built to hold enough expandable filler to absorb urine for at least a day or two if not a week. Worry not though! The removable wire mesh floor allows urine to pass through to the litter, but is not accessible by your chin!

Our litter pan features a splash guard to prevent messes from leaving the cage.
The litter pan is easy to clean, fits in the corner of cage, Can sit on a shelf or be its own shelf, and is easily removed via two wingnuts for cleaning or relocation.
The pan is 1.5" deep and measures 8"x8" across from the back corner. The back scatter guards are 5" Tall.

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