Wooden Chinchilla Ledges

Wooden Ledge 18"-30" Shelf Quality Cage Crafters

Wooden Chinchilla Ledges

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Wooden Shelf made of kiln-dried pine. Comes with Bolts integrated directly into the 3/4" thick shelf and is easily attached via a washer and wingnut from outside of the cage wall.

Safe for chinchillas and rabbits, and other small animals.

Available in 18", 24", and 30" lengths in Kiln dried Pine & Poplar.

Metal Ledges are also available here!

Email us at cages@qualitycage.com for custom sizes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Monica B.
Great quality as usual

I’ve had my chinchilla mansion cage for almost 10 years now and it’s still in great shape. The ledges are always great quality and last a very long time. Very happy with all my purchases and so is my chin!

Mike M.
Love the new shelves and nook

Always love the the equipment for our chinchilla. Very well made and fits the cage perfectly

Carolyn S.
Best cage and shelves for beloved chin

Seventeen years ago we bought our multiple level Quality chinchilla cage for our little guy. He will be 18 years old soon and he is still going strong because of the great quality of life his Quality cage gives him. He loves to chew the shelves but they are such thick wood that it takes him years before we have to replace a shelf. The products take longer to receive but are well worth the wait!

Kimberly M.
wooden chinchilla ledges

The ledges are well made and last a long time, unless they like to chew them. :)

Emily T.
Definitely great purchase!

Somehow I didn't know nor was I told that the plastic was a problem in my chinchilla's cage.... these ledges are a purchase I won't ever regret making. They look great in my fur baby's cage and are very sturdy. Once they were in place my chinchilla immediately jumped into it and now has a new favorite spot to sleep and spend her time.

Side note: I bought the wrong size (too short for the back of the cage and too long for the side) so I had to cut an inch off to put them on the sides of our critter nation cage.

Addison T.
Wooden ledges

They are very nice. Way better than plastic. Solid mounting, look great, good grip for the animas. Recommended.

Jerilyn M.
30 ' ledge

Perfect. They love it. Would like some aspen too

Crystal M.
Yet again, Quality as expected!

The ledges I bought from Quality cage crafters are the best you can find. No rough edges, smooth, all quality hardware. Nice and thick, and sturdy.

Fantastic quality

Got exactly what I thought I was ordering. Very sturdy and they perfectly refresh the chinchilla dwelling.

Zoe B.
Always a great product!

I think this is the second time we've replaced the shelves, at no fault of Quality Cage. Our chinchillas love the shelves and they are good for chewing on! They came perfectly sized to fit in our chinchilla mansion! :)