Metal Chinchilla Ledges

Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Galvanized Steel
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Pink
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Teal
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Purple
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Blue
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Black
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Silver Vien
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Stardust
Metal Chinchilla Ledges Shelf Quality Cage Crafters 18" Stainless Steel

Metal Chinchilla Ledges

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Our Metal Chinchilla Ledges are made from galvanized steel or stainless steel. You can also purchase them in colors with our powder coating options. 

They come with bolts integrated directly into the 3/4" thick shelf and are easily attached with an included washer and wingnut from outside of the cage wall.

Safe for chinchillas and rabbits, and other small animals.

These shelves are built for our Chinchilla Mansion, Townhome, and Condo and our Travel Cage. They are not compatible with other cages.

Available in 18", 24", and 30" lengths in Galvanized Steel, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel, Or Stainless Steel.

What you get:  

Each item is one shelf plus the hardware to install it.
The image just shows the 3 different sizes - 18", 24", or 30"

Wood Ledges are also available.

For custom sizes reach out using live chat or our Contact Us page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Diane T.

Metal Chinchilla Ledges

Great quality shelves!

Have had these shelves for about 6 months now and they are holding up great. Our chinchillas tended to bite down on the wooden ledges and then scratch their feet on the jagged edges they created, so we switched some of the wooden ledges to metal and their feet are doing much better! They also don't appear to pee on the metal ledges as much because it won't soak in, so that's a great deterrent so they can pee in their litter box.

And don't worry, we give them lots of sticks and other wooden items to chew on so they don't have to chew the ledges :-)

Amanda T.
Great Shelves!

We’ve been a quality cage owner for many years but this is the first time we’ve tried the metal shelves and so far we love them! The colors are fun and they arrived in perfect condition!

pamela m.
Love it

Works wonderful. Cleans great. And cooling for chin. The Nut on the outside ends, made it a little tricky to install, but it worked out.

Nicole B.
I love the metal ledge!

I’m slowly replacing each of the ledges in my chinchillas’ mansion. I was just about to order one of the wooden ones when the metal were released. I decided to try just one to start. It’s nice having more indestructible pieces in their cage that can’t be chewed and can easily be wiped clean. I’ll probably upgrade one more shelf to metal and keep two wood.

Amy P.

They don’t reach from side to side in both length or width of the Farret Nation cages. Therefore I had to reinforce them on both ends in order for them not to give when my Chinnies jump on or off of them. Needs some work for them to be successful. Otherwise thank you.

DeeAnne L.
So Glad for Metal Shelving in Stainless Steel!

A long time ago, I purchased two metal shelves for my Chinchilla Mansion, and they were one of the best add-ons for cleaning and having a cooling area for my chins. Those ones matched the nesting box. But when I wanted to purchase more (having some very messy chinchillas that soaked wood), they were no longer being made. So, when the notice came that they were being made again, I was thrilled! That they could be made from stainless steel was even better! ! I had to purchase some. They arrived very well packed and with all the hardware. I noticed that the shelves are so nice and smooth on both sides (the older model had some sharp edges underneath). They are absolutely perfect! Great buy!

Because of how smooth the reverse side of the shelves is, I am installing these shelves upside-down because I have really klutzy chinchillas that slip off of their shelves, especially after dusting. The lip is perfect to allow them to brake, and having the lip edge to grip and step on will provide extra foot pad stimulation.