Organic Green Oats

Organic Green Oats Chinchilla Treat Quality Cage Crafters

Organic Green Oats

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1 oz bag of organic green oats.

Green oats are oat groats still in the sheath of the oat plant. The sheath is tough and cronchy- great for keeping teeth trim and fun to listen to! Green oats are high in minerals like zinc and iron and make good training treats. We recommend no more than 1/2 tsp 2 times weekly for adult chinchillas.

Feed every treat in moderation and never to chinchilla younger than 6 months. For more information on treating your chin safely, please read our blog or email us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sebastian E.
Good value

My chin loves these treats and they come in a huge bag full so lasts him a while

Mr. Woo Gives Paw Approval!

Woo loves the Organic Green Oats and knows that in the morning after his cage has been cleaned he will get a little treat of them. He runs up and down his cage because he is so happy and excited for this treat and his Chin Mom is happy because she knows his treat is organic and healthy for him. Thanks Quality Cage for a great product.

Joe B.
Chin Loves 'em!

This was the first type of treat we tried for our chin, and he absolutely LOVES them :D

Dafna i.

Organic Green Oats

Brynn T.
Best Oat

I used to buy oats from the grocery store for my chins. I’m only buying these green oats from now on. My chins LOVE these so much more! The outer shell is great for their teeth and they love getting to chew their way into the new oats!

Really liking the Oats!

Our little chin is LOVING the oats - those are his new fave treats for sure