Organic Echinacea

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Organic Echinacea

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1 oz bag of organic echinacea leaves and stems.

Also known as coneflower, this herb is often used in people and animals to support the immune system. Luckily it also makes a great chinchilla treat, so your chins can get an immune boost with every pinch! Feed no more than 1/2 tsp of echinacea 3 times a week for adult chinchillas. It can be sprinkled over chinchilla food, mixed with hay, or scattered to give your chin little bits to run and find.

Do not overfeed treats. Avoid giving treats to chinchillas under 6 months of age. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anneliese I.
Chins Love It

The Chinchillas love this stuff. However, I wish it was sold in bulk.

Krystal H.
Chins are happy

I can't believe how quickly my chins gobble this up. The amount received will last me awhile as they don't get much at a time. They are happy, healthy chinchillas!

love it!!

my chinchilla can’t get enough of this stuff!! will defined be purchasing again, thankyou!! :)

Lauren A.
Chins are obsessed!

I had bought this herb after reading on a chinchilla forum that it can help reduce inflammation and helps animals recover from a URI quicker. Squeakles was already on an antibiotic, a systemic NSAID, and two nose drops - one to reduce inflammation and the other an antibiotic. The meds from her doctor worked well for the first three days, then gradually her sneezing came back. She never got as bad as she was before the appointment, but she never completely improved. Once her antibiotic course finished after a month, these herbs came in and we used 1/4tsp over the course of the day broken into 4-5 feedings. Not only does she absolutely LOVE the stuff, but I honestly think it helped more than any of the meds from her actual veterinarian. She has a recheck tomorrow to get chest X-rays again and a culture…should be interesting to see how the lungs look. I swear she is just overall happier, sleeping less, and more like herself and this wasn’t the case until she started the echinacea! (Also have been supplementing nettle and rose hips to boost the immune system and I’m sure that’s helped a big part as well!) all my 9 chinnies loooooove all these herbs…not a single one will turn any of them down! Customer for life haha! Also everything smells soooo fresh and good, makes me wanna be a chin!

Alison R.
Happy Again

First time buying this treat and she loves it.

Elizabeth Y.
Yummy healthy treats

Both of our chinchilla love this stuff. They take it rigth from our palmsz tickling us with their soft tongues. They will also take one piece at a time from our fingers, they like it so much. Sometimes I sprinkle just a little here and there around their enclosure for enrichment. It does not take much dried Echinacea to make them happy, so I don't over do it and a little goes a looooong way. Glad to have an easy way to boost their immune systems.