Chinchilla Cage Stand

Chinchilla Cage Stand Stand Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Cage Stand Stand Quality Cage Crafters 2"

Chinchilla Cage Stand

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Our metal cage stands are made of angle iron steel. Powdercoated black or whichever color you choose!
Each comes with 4 plastic wheels with instructions on how to assemble.
Fits all of our chinchilla cages that measure 30" Wide x 24" Deep. 

Available in 2" or 10" Height.
Contact us at for custom sizes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Barbara C.
Cage wheels

Being able to wheel my little guy's cage around for cleaning or just so I can see him better has been a game changer. Having his 4' by 3' cage off the floor is also easier on my knees. Thanks.

Violette B.

Chinchilla Cage Stand

Chinchildren love it!

The girls love their new habitat.

Stephani G.
Happy Chins

Been using quality cages for a number of years and love their products. The cages & ledges are safe, well built and long lasting. The clean lines make them look nice for pet cages.

Brittany G.
Chinchilla cage stand

Love the stand! Gives the cage a little boost of cosmetic appeal; it keeps it off the floor and makes it easier to clean around

Jun-li L.
Good quality but poor mechnical tolerance

Very sturdy cage stand, very easy to move around and makes a smooth roll across the floor and carpet.
However, I could not complete the assembly. It looks like the dimension is off so it is impossible to lock the wheel on the cage. I had to leave the wheel loose and put the cage on the stand to keep it in place- hope it wont fall off. 

Good but expensive

Sturdy cage stand. Minimal assembly required. A little pricey for what it is but good quality. It did take nearly 4 months to receive though

Emmett F.
Overall Good Cage Stand, With Two Caveats

Pros: Very sturdy cage stand, easy to assemble, and makes it much easier to clean the cage.
Cons: Difficult to actually move around. The wheels do not rotate easily to move the cage, I have to manually turn them in the direction I want to move. Also, when you take the tray out to clean it, the cage stand has no solid bottom piece, so your chin's feet could easily slip through the bottom. I fixed this by fitting a piece of cardboard under the cage itself so that my chin would have solid ground to stand on while I clean the cage tray. Overall, this cage stand is much better than having the cage sit directly on the floor and I would recommend using it with the modification I made.

Frederick G.

Nice quality construction. Sturdy. Just took a while to get.

Jenna G.

This elevates the cage and makes a smooth roll across the floor. However, I wish it came slightly smaller but bigger than the 2”. When my girls are out and try to jump back in, they just miss. A 7 or 8 inch would be perfect! We made our own ramp so they can go back in safely.