Chinchilla Cage Guard Set

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Chinchilla Cage Guard Set

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Chinchilla Cage Guards help keep dust and litter within the cage as your chinchilla scurries about. They install in an instant. Comes in a set of three galvanized steel guards. The side guards are 5" high by 24" long, and the back guard is 5" high by 30" long.

These guards mount outside the cage with "S" hooks at the level of the tray and are perfect for deflecting that bedding shrapnel back into the tray!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Julianna P.
Absolutely Perfect

I love their cage guards it keeps a significant amount in the cage and helps so much with cleaning. I’m a second time buyer and I plan to buy much more in the future definitely my favorite brand for chinchillas.

Ronda D.

loved these cage guards!

Daniel C.
Pretty good

This cage guard is good but it could fit better. One side seems to have a gap, even though its installed the same way. It does work fairly well to block bedding and hay from getting out.

Joe B.
Great Quality per usual!

Fantastic addition to our Chinchilla Mansion. We've noticed a rapid decline in debris on our floors :)

Jenna G.
Easy assembly

This was easy to assemble and from what I can tell it is stopping the poops from flying out.

Lori V.

Cage guard is well made and hoping it we’ll be helpful in keeping the bedding off the floor

Kristen S.
Cage Guard

I was getting bedding all over the floor from the cage. It was a hassle to vacuum every day and It clogged my vacuum. I bought the guard and it has stopped the chinchillas from getting the bedding out of the cage. It’s worth buying.

Lee N.
chin cage guards

the guards work great. Keep the material and waste in cage

Almost perfect

I have these on my QC mansion and they do a really good job keeping the bedding in the cage instead of outside. Although, bedding does collect between the guard and the cage around the bottom tray so I frequently have to clean it out with my vacuum.

Jun-li L.

Chinchilla Cage Guard Set