Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage? Myths, Facts, and Must-Know Tips

by Joshua Paulson

Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage_ Myths, Facts, and Must-Know Tips


A varied diet is key to keeping your hamster healthy and happy. It supplies the pet with many beneficial nutrients to raise its activity levels, prevent cardiovascular disease, and lower the risk of digestive issues. 

One of the foods hamster owners introduce to vary their pets' nutrition is vegetables. More specifically, they often feed cabbage to hamsters to help create a balanced diet and enhance the animals' well-being. 

But is this a good idea? Can hamsters eat cabbage?

Whether or not you should feed your hamster cabbage will be the topic of this article. We'll discuss if this veggie is safe, and if yes, how much and how often your furry friend should consume the food. 

The Nutritional Content of Cabbage

To determine if you can safely feed your pet hamster cabbage, you need to understand the nutritional content of this crunchy vegetable. Even though your pet won't need anywhere near one cup of cabbage (about 3 ounces), we'll use this amount as the baseline:

  •  22 calories 
  • 16mg of sodium
  • 5.2g of carbohydrate
  • 2.2g of fiber 
  • 2.9g of sugar
  • 151mg of potassium
  • 38.3mcg of folate 
  • 32.6mg of vitamin C
  • 67.6mg of vitamin K 

The last two (vitamin C and vitamin K) stand out. Vitamin C can reinforce the immune system and healing power of your hamster, while vitamin K plays a pivotal role in its reproductive health. 

Keep in mind that cabbage also contains a lot of water. Excessive amounts can lead to some health problems, such as diarrhea (aka wet tail). 

Hamster with green vegetables

Benefits of Cabbage for Hamsters

When optimizing your hamster care, the main thing to worry about is the food. In particular, is the food you want to introduce to your pet's diet beneficial? 

When it comes to cabbage, there are ample health benefits your hamster can get from this veggie:

  • Improving the body's intrinsic defense mechanism - Hamsters also have an immune system, which requires strengthening to combat various illnesses. What better way to bolster your pet's immunity than to feed them vitamin C-rich cabbage? 
  • Enhancing gut health - Another reason cabbage is a healthy vegetable for your pet hamster is its high fiber content. It helps enhance gut health and reduces the risk of intestinal disease. 
  • Preventing obesity - Cabbage is a low-calorie food, making it a powerful ally in preventing cardiovascular illnesses and maintaining a healthy weight.

As a result, the next time someone asks you, can hamsters eat cabbage, the answer will be a resounding yes.  

Potential Risks and Considerations

Whether you have a Chinese or Syrian hamster, keep in mind that you shouldn't feed your pet cabbage recklessly. That's because there are a few risks associated with this food: 

  • High in calcium - Cabbage has lots of calcium, which can lead to healthy bones in hamsters. Nevertheless, excessive amounts of calcium can contribute to kidney stones and many other complications. 
  • Problems associated with increased fiber intake - As previously discussed, cabbage is packed with fiber that can boost gut health. But this can be a double-edged sword because too much fiber can result in digestive problems, like diarrhea, bloating, and aches. 
  • Dehydration - While cabbage can help your hamster stay hydrated, it shouldn't be the pet's primary source of water. This veggie is also a diuretic, meaning it can stimulate the animal to lose water and risk dehydration. 
  • Toxins in inorganic cabbage - Inorganic cabbage is often sprayed with lots of chemicals to facilitate growth. Hamsters can't cope with these toxins, which is why you should only feed them organic cabbage.

Hamster eating food from a spoon

Serving Cabbage to Hamsters: Best Practices

When considering any fruits and vegetables for hamsters, it's important to familiarize yourself with the best feeding practices. This way, you'll ensure the food remains a delicious, safe treat for hamsters and not a health hazard.

Let's see what you should focus on when adding cabbage to your pet's diet.

How to Feed Cabbage to Hamsters

To help your pet make the most of this tasty veggie, you should wash it thoroughly before putting it inside their cage. Rinse the cabbage to get rid of any hazardous chemicals. Additionally, give them raw rather than cooked cabbage because it has a richer nutritional profile.

Hamster holding a piece of food

Portion Sizes and Frequency

In general, you want to introduce cabbage using bite-sized pieces. Feed it to your hamster and monitor them for about a day to see how they react. If they enjoy the snack, you can gradually increase the portions. 

As for the recommended frequency, don't give your hamster cabbage more than three times per week. 

Different Types of Cabbage: What's Safe?

Now that you know that cabbage is generally safe for hamsters, let's dive into different types of cabbage. 

One of the most common kinds of cabbage is red cabbage, so can hamsters eat red cabbage? The answer is yes. Red cabbage is a safe, nutritious snack for your four-legged friend. The same goes for Savoy and Chinese cabbage. 

Hamster peeping through a hole on a box

How about the leaves of this veggie? Can hamsters eat cabbage leaves? These are safe too. Just don't forget to use small leaves and wash them before serving them to your pet. 

Finally, can hamsters eat raw cabbage? Absolutely. In fact, raw cabbage is their preferred type of cabbage since they're not used to cooked food. 

Alternatives and Additions to Cabbage in a Hamster's Diet

There are many vegetables hamsters can eat to diversify their omnivorous diet and stay in good health. Besides cabbage, you can also consider the following foods: 

  • Grain and seed mixes 
  • Worms (occasionally)
  • Non-citrus fruits 
  • Other green veggies (spinach, broccoli, etc.)

And don't forget about rotational feeding (rotating different foods on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure your pet receives nutrients from various sources). In other words, don't give cabbage to your hamster every week. Swap it out for other veggies every once in a while to boost the potential health gains. 

Hamster with grains

The Balanced Bite: Crafting the Perfect Diet for Your Hamster

As with any other food, moderation is key when feeding your hamster cabbage. Give them tiny bits up to three times per week and wash every leaf thoroughly to eliminate toxins. If you follow this routine, it'll go a long way in creating a well-balanced diet for your four-legged friend.

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Are hamsters allowed cabbage?

Yes. Hamsters are allowed to eat cabbage. It is usually a safe food for hamsters, but you should only feed them cabbage in moderation. When introducing the food to their diet, stay on the lookout for any adverse reactions, such as wet tail, sneezing, wheezing, loss of appetite, and reduced activity. 

What vegetables do hamsters eat?

Hamsters can eat a variety of vegetables. In addition to cabbage, a hamster pet can also consume carrots, cauliflower, chicory, sweet peppers, and cucumber. However, since they don't eat veggies very often in the wild, you want to minimize the amount to prevent stomach aches and any nutritional imbalance. 

What greens are safe for hamsters?

Greens that hamsters can safely eat include cabbage, broccoli, spinach, squash, and romaine lettuce. These can boost hamsters' dental health, control bowel movements, and lower the risk of various health complications, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

How often can I give my hamster cabbage?

In general, you should feed your hamster cabbage up to three times per week. Never exceed this optimal frequency or give the veggie to your pet multiple times a day to help prevent gastrointestinal issues and other health problems. 

Can hamsters eat cooked cabbage?

Yes. Although raw cabbage is the better alternative, cooked cabbage is safe for hamsters. The feeding principle is the same as with raw cabbage - you should only give them moderate amounts to avoid overwhelming them with a food they're not used to. 



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