The 8 Best Cages for Your Syrian Hamster

by Joshua Paulson

The 8 best cages for your syrian hamster


Curious, low maintenance, and solitary, the Syrian hamster can make a great pocket-sized pet. However, getting the best cage is a major concern. These small rodents need enough space, exercise, and a comfortable place to sleep. They also have a different personality from similar hamsters. Syrian hamsters become increasingly territorial as they age, and their larger size means they’ll need some extra space. But you can ensure they grow up happy and healthy with the right cage.

Here, we’ll review the best cages for Syrian hamsters.

The Best Syrian Hamster Cages

When buying a Syrian hamster, you’ll need to first consider the cage. There are plenty of options on the market, each with its unique benefits and some drawbacks. Ideally, their cages should have at least 450 square inches of floor space and measure 20 gallons and up. To give yourself a better idea, check out the various options at exotic pet stores.

Quality Cage

Quality Cage tank Topper Hamster Cage

The tank topper aquarium cage for hamsters, rats, mice, and gerbils is a great choice for owners concerned with adequate size for their Syrian hamster. This cage has an upper and a lower subterranean aquarium level, giving your hamster enough space to burrow and climb. Likewise, you can choose between 10, 20, and 40 gallons in size for additional space. Each level has a floor opening and ramp for easy navigation. With less than half an inch of wire bar space, the cage is secure for Syrian hamsters. The general price range is between $160 and $220.

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

The Savic Metro Heaven Extra Large Hamster Cage is a sound choice since it has extra toys for your Syrian hamster. Even if it has one level, the cage boasts a spacious base surface at 80 x 50 x 50 inches and has a bar space of 9.5 millimeters. This gives your hamster enough space for frolicking and playing within the fixtures, including two uplifted platforms, two feeding bowls, two water bottles, two houses, a hamster tunnel, and a toilet. That’s practically all you need included in the price of one hamster cage at $136.

Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home

If you want a simple hamster cage for Syrian hamsters, you can choose the 528 Universal Small Animal Home for your Syrian hamster. This cage features one level with a wide surface base measuring 32.5 x 19 x 17.5 inches and 9.6 millimeters in bar spacing. It also features two doors, an elevated platform, and a tubby base so your hamster can burrow freely. The wire spacing is tight and sturdy, with a gap of 9.5 millimeters. While this cage is a good starting point at $86.99, you’ll need to ensure your Syrian hamster also has a wheel and toys.

Favola Hamster Cage

The Favola large hamster cage offers the best of both worlds. It has both an upper and a subterranean level, giving your pocket pet enough space to roam around, play, and burrow. It also has multiple add-ons like a food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel, and hamster hideout. The surface level is decent at 23.6 x 14.4 x 11.8. It isn’t the highest cage, but that can be a good thing. Lower cages help your Syrian hamster avoid nasty falls while playing. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty at $79.99.

Hamster on a ball of dried leaves

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World deluxe cage has exceptional benefits like an easy-to-open roof, little house, toilet, food bowl, and water bottle. It measures 30.5 x 18.8 x 19.7, although you can choose large and extra-large sizes. A wire frame and a deep plastic base cost between $79.00 and $100, depending on your chosen size.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

If you want to give your Syrian hamster a cage with plenty of toys and a playroom, the Ferplast hamster cage might be the best choice. It’s taller than many of the cages on this list and measures 18.11 x 11.61 x 14.8. It also comes with all the accessories you need for your pet. These include a food dish, water bottle, hideout, exercise wheel, and play tube. It has both a bottom and a top door for easy access. While not the largest cage on this list, it offers the most important toys your hamster will need at $45.

Midwest Homes for Pets Hamster Cage

This arcade hamster home has a unique design, making it optimal for entertainment and exercise for your Syrian hamster. It might be smaller in width but still high, with overall measurements of 18.11 x 11.61 x 21.26 Inches. It has two levels. The first has a wire cage, a food dish, a water bottle, and play tubes leading to the upper level. The upper level has three platforms, a hamster hideout, and an exercise wheel. For many, the height can compensate for the slightly smaller surface level. It’s also a more affordable option at only $55.

Package Pets Abby Large Hamster Cage

This cage is 28.35 x 5.91 x 14.96 and offers an intricate multi-level design and space to play. It features a water bottle, a food bowl, an exercise wheel, and play tubes. Specialized for Syrian hamsters, it provides enough height and width space with a 7mm gap between the bars.

Syrian Hamster: Basic Information and Habits

Hamster under a blue blanket

Understanding your Syrian hamster’s personality is key to providing the best environment. These furry animals are generally solitary and dislike being in groups. Hence, owners shouldn’t put more than one in a cage. Syrian hamsters are both nocturnal and territorial. This makes it even more important for them to have a place to rest during the day.

You should also have the right exotic pet supplies to accommodate their climbing, playing, and burrowing needs.

Essential Features of a Suitable Syrian Hamster Cage

Your hamster will spend most of their time in a cage, so choosing one that’s fun, comfortable, and secure is important.

Hamster on a cage

Cage Size

Your Syrian hamster needs an adequate cage size to grow happy and healthy. This species of hamster can reach up to 7 inches long and has lots of energy. A larger cage will facilitate proper development and give your hamster a place to play, jump, eat, drink, and rest.

The best cage for a Syrian hamster typically has at least 450 square inches for a base. This ground level provides space for your hamster to move around, access other levels, and potentially burrow if there aren’t additional subterranean levels. However, the base surface level is only one aspect of the overall size. You’ll also want to consider the height. Your hamster should have another floor and platforms to exercise climbing skills and play.

Cage Material

Hamster in a cage eating a treat

After considering size, you’ll want to ensure your cage is made from the right material. Some popular options include plastic, glass, and metal wiring.

Choose a base floor made from a solid material like glass or plastic to avoid the risk of your hamster getting caught in the wiring. As for the walls, wiring is generally the best choice. The gaps are small enough to keep your hamster secure but facilitate enough airflow.

Glass or plastic might be a better option for subterranean levels and aquariums. They’re easier to maneuver for Syrian hamsters and also easier to clean.

Hamster peeping through a hole on a cardboard


Proper ventilation is a must for your Syrian hamster’s cage. The airflow reduces the amount of ammonia within the habitat, prevents fungi from growing, and regulates temperature.

Aquariums or subterranean levels need to have some sort of open top. Usually, mesh and wires are your best option for the right amount of airflow. However, plastic or modular cages typically have holes or vents for enough air.

hamster on a table top

Escape-Proof Design

Another consideration for your cage is security. Syrian hamsters are prone to escape, so you’ll need to check all openings and gaps they could potentially fit through.

Make sure that there’s less than half an inch between the wiring of your cage. Hamsters can easily slip through gaps in larger spaces if given the opportunity. Likewise, you’ll want to ensure that all the doors of your cage close tightly and are fully functional.

Types of Hamster Cages

There are many types of hamster cages. Choosing the right one will ensure you can prepare the perfect environment for your Syrian hamster. Some examples include the common wire cage, plastic modular cages, glass tanks, and DIY cages.

Wire Cages

Wire cages are the most common choice for Syrian hamster owners. Generally, wiring provides visibility and a healthy amount of airflow. They’re also the most available option, with plenty of levels and variations. However, hamsters might attempt to climb the wiring and injure themselves in the process.

Plastic Modular Cages

Plastic modular cages are especially popular. With unique designs, they let hamsters climb and play using platforms, exercise wheels, and tubes. The only issue is that finding the right size plastic modular cage can be challenging. You’ll need to ensure they have enough ventilation vents in holes, mesh tops, or slits.

Glass Tanks

Glass tanks are efficient because they offer 100% visibility. You can monitor your hamster and ensure they aren’t injured. Likewise, it keeps materials like bedding and food within the cage, preventing any messes.

Hamster on a glass bottle

But there are some drawbacks to glass cages. They’re generally heavier, making them less suitable for travel. Many glass tanks also don’t have enough ventilation holes, restricting airflow within the habitat.

DIY Cages

Consider making your Syrian hamster’s cage yourself for a fun, customized project. Ikea Deteolf shelves and bin cages are highly customizable and can be designed to fit your specific preferences. However, safety should be your primary concern with these constructions. Ensure they have proper ventilation, are secure, and the materials are non-toxic.

How to Set Up Your Hamster’s Cage

Perhaps you’ve chosen the best cage for Syrian hamster and hamster supplies for your new pet. Now, it’s time to set it up. Ensure you put the cage in a room with a comfortable temperature, away from direct sunlight and loud noises.

Quality Cage Hamster wheel blue

Line the base or subterranean level with two to three layers of aspen shavings for bedding. Place a small hideout at the same level as a nesting area. As for toys, platforms, and your hamster wheel, place them at various places through the cage on different levels.

Ensure they have easy access to a hanging water bottle at the base level and a shallow food dish you regularly refill. Depending on your hamster’s habits, you’ll need to clean the cage and replace the bedding every week or two.


What is the best cage for a Syrian hamster?

The best cage for a Syrian hamster has multiple levels and at least 450 square inches for a base. Quality cage has multiple cages suitable for Syrian hamsters.

What size cage should I get for my Syrian hamster?

Your Syrian hamster needs at least 450 square inches for a base floor level. However, the overall size should be at least 30 x 15 x 12 inches.

What is the easiest hamster cage to clean?

Generally, smooth surfaces like glass or plastic are the easiest to clean hamster enclosures.

What type of enclosure is best for a hamster?

In terms of airflow and ventilation, metal wiring cages are the best. However, glass and plastic are better for preventing messes and visibility.


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