Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible

Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters Metal
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible Cages Quality Cage Crafters Silver-Vein

Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible

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Need to travel with your chinchilla? This is the cage for your traveling "Furicane."

Our Chinchilla Collapsible Travel Home is 24"w x 18"d x 18"h and is made of 1/2" x 1" wire.

It has a large 10" x 10" door equipped with metal door guards.
The body of the cage attaches securely to a 3" high, powder-coated metal tray using our hook & springs.

Comes with an 18" replaceable pine shelf, a Chin Ramp, and a HopSpot.

Cage and shelves collapse directing into the tray making for a great stow and go travel cage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Theresa Schinkowitch
High Quality Product

Definitely expensive, took a very long time to arrive, BUT it is a great product that works very well for my chins. They love being in it when I have to take them anywhere and it keeps them entertained when I need to deep clean cages. Overall very happy with this product!

Tiffany C.
Love the cage!

It’s perfect, portable, and collapsible . We love it!

Olivia Atkins

Chinchilla Travel Cage - Collapsible

Daniel C
Worth the wait!

This cage is very well made, easy to setup, and collapses down into a small size for storage. This made my chin way more comfortable on a recent trip.

Lauren Bomer
Travel Cage

Very well built, it feels like it will never need replacing. Worth the money of the high quality material

Best Travel Ever

I have 3 of these cages and they are the best ones around. They are well built and are completely safe for your little one. I definitely recommend these cages. The cages are great for travel and short term stays. I can now go on vacation and safely take my little ones with me. Big enough to give them room to do what the little ones need to do and small enough to take with you. The cages are so easy to tear down and store away too. Not to mention that they are built solid with quality in mind.

Victoria B
Amazing travel cage

I just set up my chin travel cage, and I am so happy, but I already knew it’d be awesome because I have had a chinchilla townhouse, upgraded to the mansion, and now got the travel cage just to have, and I feel so much better having it. I really think every chin owner should have this travel cage. Here’s a picture to show it with the factory setup (though I will be adding some chew toys and a food dish, water bottle, etc) and in relation, size-wise, to the chinchilla mansion cage, one one with my hand to show relative size. The lead time can be a bit but it’s worth it, and with the current world situation going on, it’s something I see many many companies having, and especially since Quality Cage Crafters builds your cage to order, and it’s an amazing cage.

Sturdy, well designed travel cage

I was very happy to see the solid construction of this cage. It is large enough to accommodate my chinnie’s 15” wheel and with the shelves makes the cage suitable for a short stay which is my intended purpose. If this were a product only review I would give 5 stars but it took 4 months to get it so I removed a star for the very long wait. If you are not in any hurry, I highly recommend this company for their products.

Zhi Qiong Wu
Larger than I expected.

The cage is pretty big, can be folded to save space. I order it as a spare cage just in case something emergency happen and need to bring my chin with me. Size is about one level of a CN cage. If anyone needs a comparison.

Love the Travel Cage

This arrived just in time. My Chin Zeke is loving it. It is nice to be able to take him on trips with me. Great quality and I no longer have concerns of him escaping.