Meet the Crafters

“The only cage that will set you free.”

That’s our mantra. You may have seen this phrase and wondered - how can a cage set you free? Well, we’re here to tell you! We pride ourselves on the quality work we put into every product we send out. How will the quality set you free? We want to free you from worry and fear that something bad could happen to your pet companion.

When compared to leading cages, our cage performed and outlasted our competitors by a long-shot! Whether it’s dropping your cage from the roof (which we’ve done) or a larger pet trying to break in, no other cage will protect your companion like Quality Cage Crafters. Don’t believe us? Put us to the test.


Who is Quality Cage Crafters?

Quality Cage Crafters is committed to working with and supporting those individuals who care for, breed, or show small and exotic animals. We believe a product should last a lifetime rather than clutter a landfill. Choosing the right products starts with choosing the right materials.

On the outside, what we create is cute and fluffy. On the inside, we are a team of relentless hand-crafters of the finest metal animal cages.


Get to know us!

We are a small business. Our products are hand-crafted and made to order. Want to order something today and have it at your doorstep in two days? Amazon is the way to go! We don’t mass produce in a foreign country. We design and craft right here in Boise, ID.

Buy local. Build local. Hire local.


Our Company Culture

We have a team of truly awesome people and a culture that encourages the growth of every individual, both personally and professionally. We are an ever-changing group of small animal pioneers. When it comes to cage making we are uncompromised, and when it comes to helping animals, we are relentless.

Our culture is built around the things we as a company value. Being so small really allows us to define what that is.

We value happiness. Happiness is a talent we develop, not an object we seek. It is solving problems for ourselves and for others.