Organic Whole Rose hips

Organic Whole Rose hips Chinchilla Treat Quality Cage Crafters

Organic Whole Rose hips

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Organic Whole Rose Hips

Whole rose hips are great chinchilla treats because they are low in sugar and high in vitamin C! One whole rose hip can be given as often as every other day and placed with chinchilla food or hidden somewhere in the cage for your chin to find!

You will receive a 1 oz bag of organic whole rosehips.

Introduce all new treats slowly to your chinchilla. If your chinchilla has not had rose hips before, we recommend starting with crushed rose hips or breaking up the whole ones into smaller pieces.

We do not recommend giving any treats to a chinchilla younger than 6 months with the exception of apple wood.

All treats should be given in moderation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Krystal H.
Rose hips for the chin!

My three love their rose hips, these are a great quality and a good price for the amount. Happy with my purchase.

Mrs. L.
Nips of Hips

Rose hips give my chin a nice treat. The whole ones are nice because ge has more to grab onto.

Wesley S.

Organic Whole Rose hips

Mr. Woo is Hip to Rose Hip

He loves the Rose Hip. I crush it into small pieces and use it to train him. He now crawls up on my lap, stands and gives whisker kisses for this delightful treat! Thanks for a great product Quality Cage!!!


They are a great price, and my chins love them.


Both my chinchillas love them

Jenna G.

One of my Chins, River, loves these. They are her favorite new treat. Her sister, Gallifrey, isn't wild about them so River just steals them from her. :)

Tanna M.

Pebbles loves them 🥰

Alan P.

Great product

Brynn T.
The new favorite

All three of my chins absolutely love the whole rose hips! It’s a healthy treat and great for their teeth. Although,I don’t allow the chins to have them everyday because they do contain a little sugar. But, that just makes the girls love them even more when they do get them!