Cholla Wood

Cholla Wood Wood Quality Cage Crafters
Cholla Wood Wood Quality Cage Crafters

Cholla Wood

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100% Natural Cholla wood.

Cholla wood is the dried, fibrous core of a cholla cactus.

Our cholla wood is hand collected, pesticide and chemical-free, and is completely chinchilla safe!

Each cholla is 3” long and naturally varies in thickness and appearance. Cholla wood, and other chinchilla safe wood, are great to give daily to keep teeth trim. Cholla in particular works well as an environmental enrichment and can be used as a foraging toy and filled with chinchilla food pellets or chinchilla treats like chamomile, marigold, or hibiscus flowers!

Our cholla wood is also great for degus, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils!

Each order comes with 2 pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Steve Y.
mixed feelings

Only one of my 3 chins seems to like these, so not sure if they're just picky or these aren't that delicious

Chris D.
Best for putting herbs in

My chinchilla loves the cholla wood, it last a long time for chewing! I put herbs inside and he loves foraging for the treats! I will always have cholla wood on hand


For some reason rather than chewing on the wood my chinchilla likes to sleep on top of it. no clue why but as long as he’s happy i’m happy LOL

Julia P.
Great Chews for versatility

These are great for versatility to keep my Chin entertained. The quality is unmatched. Quality Cage is my go to site for my supplies.

Josephine N.
Raven loved them

My Ebony chin chewed this down to nothing. My standard gray was a little slower to chew but overall a great success and I will be ordering again soon.

Danai M.
Cholla wood

My chinchilla loves this wood!! It's his favorite I need to order more

Karen T.
Interesting wood

It's Terry's first time trying cholla. He was eager to snatch it up and hop to his hidey corner. He chewed off the very outer layer of the wood, but not much else. Still, he's happy to have one.

Joy W.
My chin loves his apple sticks

Baloo my chin is a little picky when it comes to chew sticks. He enjoys these and I like that they come in a variety of sizes.


My chins love it especially when I hide 1 or 2 goji berries in it

Shelley W.
Love Love

Nicochin loves these. I sprinkle a little Honeysuckle on one and BAM...he thinks I'm a chin gourmet . ❤❤