Quality Cage Crafters Organic Bee Pollen

1 oz bag of bee pollen granules.

Bee pollen is a great superfood for chinchillas! It contains all sorts of vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. It is a very rich food so introduce slowly- only 1 or 2 granules at once and monitor your chinchilla for any reaction for a full day or two. Once introduced completely you can feed as much as one pinch (~15-20 regular sized granules) 2 times per week. The little granules are desirable enough to be great training treats but they are small and a little difficult to give one at a time. You can sprinkle on hay, chinchilla food, or scatter in the cage to encourage foraging.

Feed every treat in moderation and never to chinchilla younger than 6 months. For more information on treating your chin safely, please read our blog or email us at cages@qualitycage.com