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by Joshua Paulson
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It's important for US products to be made in the US. Like our cages.

We are contributing to the greater conversation of how important it is to keep US products made in the US. We hand make all our products in Texas and ship it out from Texas and we know how important it is to keep the quality of our product by keeping manufacturing in the US.

We believe it's important to take pride in where our product is made. Being a manufacturer in Texas has enabled us to continue making the most quality qroduct while maintaining the USA-Made brand we have been for years.

Best products are made locally

The basics.

In today's global economy, consumers have more purchasing and product options than they have ever had in human history. During the pandemic, it hasn’t been very reliable when ordering products from other countries and therefore a reminder for the US to bring more manufactured products and jobs back to the states. We pride ourselves in keeping everything in the US and shipping from Texas. We want to extend that pride to you, the customer, by providing insight into the importance of USA-Made and why it’s important to continue to purchase locally.

The economics.

But you don’t have to be a major manufacturer or creator in the US to be included in the USA Made movement. Like us, we are a small manufacturing company that keeps things simple and small to have a greater impact with quality products. One of the most obvious reasons for supporting USA-Made companies is that buying USA products creates jobs for US factories and small businesses. But these manufacturing jobs also create other jobs in our US economy. For example, steel sourced from USA suppliers requires freight, logistics, sales, accounting, and all other functions associated with running a business to deliver steel every week. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is added to the economy. This is the highest multiplier effect of any economic area in the US. Note that these US workers are also US consumers, who use their income to purchase locally. In fact, for every 1 full-time job in manufacturing, there are 3.4 equivalent jobs in non-manufacturing. The data shows that buying US products creates more jobs in our US economy.

For every 1 full-time job in manufacturing, there are 3.4 equivalent jobs in non-manufacturing


Job creation

Not only do these companies that create products create more jobs outside of our manufacturing floor, but manufacturers also have one of the highest percentages of workers who are eligible for health benefits provided by their employer. Around 90 percent of manufacturing employees were eligible for health insurance benefits in 2015 and about 84% participated in their employer’s plans, indicating that US manufacturers are providing valuable benefits to their employees.

According to Facts about Manufacturing by The Center for Manufacturing Research of The Manufacturing Institute, “In 2018, the average manufacturing worker in the United States earned $87,185 annually, including pay and benefits. The average worker in all nonfarm industries earned $68,782. Looking specifically at wages, the average manufacturing worker earned more than $27 per hour, according to the latest figures, not including benefits.”

Supporting American-based manufacturers and products has been shown to reduce income inequality, lower the unemployment rate by creating jobs, and help balance our trade and budget deficits. According to the Made in America movement, the average wages and benefits for manufacturing jobs are approximately 21 percent higher than for non-manufacturing jobs.

Many more benefits


By supporting USA-made products and companies you are also supporting cheaper, more reliable shipping. Buying domestically produced products reduces the travel distance of products (if the product is purchased within the US), which, in turn, reduces unnecessary fossil fuel use and emissions.

Reduction in Risks 

Not only are we working toward protecting intellectual property and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, we are also helping to prevent the risks presented when we outsource production to other countries. We don’t have to deal with foreign suppliers where key instructions can be lost in translation and hinder the quality of the product when sent back to the states. It’s also important to note that supporting USA-Made companies helps to keep them accountable for practicing good business.

Safer Products

News stories about contaminated plastic and pet food products from China have led to recalls, illnesses, and even deaths. Products made under the scrutiny of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Departments of Commerce and Agriculture are typically held to higher quality standards than many foreign-made products. Safer materials and products give customers peace of mind that they are not exposing end-users to unsafe products and themselves to liability claims.

Environment Concerns

The U.S. also has distinct regulations against pollution, which some overseas countries have not yet been able to meet. Sending our manufacturing overseas means sending our pollution overseas and potentially heightening its impact. Other countries with less concern for the carbon footprint they are creating are only making things worse by continuing to produce products that simultaneously produce a great amount of waste.

Technological Advances

At one time “USA-Made” did not have the same connotation it once did. With the US mandating greater requirements for quality control and safety the technology is evolving with the demand for more quality products. Here at QCC we are striving for a more automated system that ensures quality each time a product is made and reduces human error.

Tax Revenue

It goes without saying that supporting USA-Made companies such as ours also recirculates tax revenue back into the local economy, which benefits every US citizen through re-investment in education, national defense, social security, Medicare & Medicaid, transportation, and research in science & healthcare. If you want to support your local community, support local businesses.

Human Capital

Not only does the “USA-Made” label promote a sense of patriotism when you support the U.S. economy and create jobs for American workers. You also know those factory workers or small businesses are not subjected to unsafe conditions, low wages, or other forms of exploitation that the U.S. Department of Labor and domestic labor unions protect against. Being domestic product producers it’s easier to keep these humanitarian aspects in check, and it gives us a chance to really give back to the community by putting more resources back into our employees.

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Author: Joshua Paulson and Quality Cage Team
Josh is the owner and CEO at Quality Cage Crafters since 2015. During his time at Quality Cage Crafters he has been able to learn from tens of thousands of pet owners and pet educators. He blends his ambition for manufacturing and passion for animal care to create solutions for pet owners, breeders, animal rescues, and zoos. He has brought together a team of great animal lovers to create high quality pet care content for the Quality Cage Crafters audience.

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