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Photoshopped Chinchillas

Photo manipulation is a part of the internet’s soul. Photoshopped images can be hilarious, beautiful, or terrifying but rarely involve the chinchilla. Despite that, we have found a few gems to share here simply because they need to be seen.

Chinchillas have been compared to a few iconic anime characters, so these feel almost natural.

My Neighbor Chinchotorro

Source: Reddit by WetCoastLife

Who's That Pokemon?

Source: Pikachu GM  

Would a chinchilla make a good mount if they were large enough? If they could be rangled into some riding gear, they might be great for scaling cold mountains and cliffs. I think the fur slip might be a potential issue though.

Luke Skywalker’s Noble Steed

Source:  Reddit by  jnoble50

They're going to need a bigger van! "The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around."- Godzilla 2014.


Source: Chinzilla

Bigger...and with wings!

Majestic Chirb

Ever had a burning desire to get a chinchilla? This one might be a bit overheated.


Hang on, things are about to get weird...well...weirder.

The Good Choggo

Source: The Chog

Is he going to fetch the stick or eat it?


Source: Chin-doge

Chinchillas already have little hannies (Rachel’s word) to begin with so why not just give them human hands? Is it really that different?

Perfectly Natural

Source: Jeff Morin

Warning! Arachnophobes may want to click away now! Has the chinchilla become scary or the tarantula more friendly?


Source: The Horror

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