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by Morgan Mulac

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It is well known that music can be a powerful tool for humans as well as for animals - one of the biggest benefits of putting on music for your pet is the proven benefit of it being an aide to their relaxation.

As a result, many chinchilla owners may be wondering whether they might be able to provide their chinchilla with music that will help calm them as well. In the blog post below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about playing music around your chinchilla - so let’s dive in!

Do Chinchillas Have Good Hearing? 

Before we can answer if your chinchilla likes music, it is important to know how good the chinchilla's hearing is. In contrast to most animals in the rodentia family, which usually are prone to having or developing poor hearing, chinchillas naturally have very good hearing, similar to that of a human's hearing ability.

The reason behind their great hearing is because of their large ears, which they've used for quite some time in the wild to be able to hear predators and other warnings from their herd in case they were in danger.

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Are Chinchillas Sensitive To Noise?

Due to their large ears, chinchillas are sensitive to noises and are often susceptible to being startled by loud and sudden noises. They are also capable of hearing things humans cannot, which is why they make seemingly random warning calls.

This is why many chinchilla owners recommend having a more calm and quiet day-to-day environment to keep your chinchilla living in, especially when you’re just adopting a chinchilla and letting them adjust to your normal level of sound around the house.

Ways to keep the environment quiet and calm is keeping them away from any areas where loud noises may be common, including windows, the front door, and near loudspeakers if you have them. As well as talking to your chinchilla in a gentle and soothing voice when you interact with them, it is also important to make sure you do not startle them when you interact with them.

Do Chinchillas Enjoy Music?

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While every chinchilla is different, the answer to this is usually yes! Playing music for your chinchilla can help stimulate them or relax them in equal measure. Since chinchillas have a hearing range that is fairly close to a human’s hearing range, which means a lot of the music you enjoy could be enjoyable for them. However, that doesn’t mean you should start by loudly playing your favorite heavy metal song for them.

Benefits Of Playing Your Chinchilla Some Music

The benefits of playing music for you and your chinchilla go far beyond calming them down, and there are a number of other benefits you can gain from letting them listen to music. One of the most important benefits of using it is that it can be used to get them used to being handled by you in a more positive way by associating the experience with music they like. 

While you're away on vacation, a little music can also make a big difference in their feeling of loneliness, so if your pet sitter comes to visit them, make sure they play some tunes that will remind them of you while you're away.

The other huge benefit is that you have another source of input during playtime—this is where you can start getting creative with how you choose the music to play. Some melodies can be energizing and can add an extra pep to play-time.

What Kind Of Music Do Chinchillas Enjoy Listening To?

Generally speaking, chinchillas prefer music that we would find calming (or even boring). Music that moves at a slower pace can keep them from being frightened by any sudden changes or noises in the music. Classical music can be a great place to start, trying to find what music your chin enjoys.

However, just like every human has a different taste in music, so does every chinchilla. When you begin introducing your little friend to music, be attentive to how they respond to see if it is something they would like to continue listening to.

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There are two responses that could suggest that your chin would like to hear more of what you are playing. The first is if they settle down and appear to just start listening to the sounds. This suggests that they find the music calming, and could enjoy hearing it in the background often.

The other positive reaction you might see is the music sending them straight into an energetic, playful mood. If your chin seems happy and starts bouncing off the walls or popcorning, chances are that they are enjoying the music and would love to hear more of it during playtimes!

On the other hand, be attentive for signs that they do not enjoy the music, or are even afraid of it. Chinchillas will generally make it known when they don’t like the sounds that they are hearing. If you see them exhibiting behavior like pulling their ears back, hiding, barking, or throwing things, change the music to something more calming or turn it off entirely.

Do Chinchillas Enjoy Watch TV?

Having talked about how much chinchillas can like listening to certain kinds of music, you might be wondering if they would also like watching TV. The good news is they can be more than happy to snuggle up with you and watch a nice show every now and then to relax and bond. The key is to choose the right shows for them to enjoy.

One of the big benefits of turning on the TV with your chinchilla that owners may not think about is the fact it can improve your chinchilla's socialization. While it’s not the same as true human interaction, letting your chinchilla watch TV in short spurts can help improve their mental wellbeing.

What Kind Of TV Shows Do Chinchillas Enjoy?

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It is best to avoid shows that are too exciting or loud. These can stress your chinchilla out and put them into a prey mindset. Sitcoms are usually a safe bet, as they are meant to entertain rather than thrill or scare, and generally lack any loud noises or intense scenes.

Another good choice can be calmer children’s shows or movies, especially Disney/Pixar works. However, you want to make sure to stay clear of any of those that are too hyper, and might excite your chinchilla too much. A TV show or movie that has some classical music in the background would be good. Having said that, no two chinchillas are the same, so be attentive to what your chin is responding to and tailor your choices to meet what they seem to enjoy!

Should You Keep Noises On Overnight 

Considering that chinchillas are crepuscular and nocturnal creatures, many chinchilla owners wonder if it is a good idea to keep noises on overnight for their pets in order to prevent them from feeling lonely while the humans of the house are sleeping.

It is not recommended to keep any noise on such as the TV or music for your chinchilla for a prolonged period of time due to the fact that your chinchilla may become overstimulated if it is constantly exposed to those sounds.

Having said this, there are times when it might be a good idea to leave your TV or speaker on while you aren't around. A common example of when playing noises long-term is recommended is if you’re transitioning to being out of the house more often than you have in the past, when you and your chinchilla have previously spent a considerable amount of time together.

In Conclusion

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Music and TV are such wonderful bonding tools for you and your chinchillas, and it can be used to help your chinchilla in a myriad of ways. So sit with your chinchilla, turn on some tunes or your favorite show, and spend some quality time bonding with your furry friend.


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