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Chinchilla - The ultimate new owner checklist

Thinking of buying a chinchilla but need a complete guide of what you'll have to buy? We're here to help! We teamed up with the members of Let's Love Chinchilla's and created this ultimate checklist for new owners. 

A "chinchilla safe" cage:

  • Multiple wooden ledges
  • Metal or ceramic food dish
  • Glass water bottle
  • A dust bath house
  • Chew toys
  • Hideaway house
  • Hay Rack/Feeder
  • No plastic 


Optional Cage Supplies

  • Wooden tunnels
  • PVC Tunnels
  • Hanging fleece cube houses
  • Fleece Hammocks
  • Marble or granite cooling tiles
  • Play structures
  • Lava ledges
  • Bridges
  • 14" or larger exercise wheel


Care Supplies

  • Quality chinchilla or rabbit pellets
  • Hay (Timothy or other safe hay)
  • Safe treats
  • Chew sticks or blocks
  • Bathing dust
  • First Aid Kit


Other Items 

  • Address and phone number for an exotic veterinarian
  • A travel cage and travel carrier (Traveling with your Chinchilla)
  • Travel spring-loaded water bottle
  • A pet sitters phone number
  • Shop Vac for cleaning the cage and surrounding areas
  • Storage containers for supplies
  • Portable air conditioner for emergencies
  • Sewing machine for fleece


Have other ideas? Leave a comment below for new chinchilla owners! All information is helpful. View our other blogs for other information as well as the Let's Love Chinchilla's website. 



Renee Reingold :

Do you have literature primarily about my chinchilla’s interactions with humans.

May 02, 2018

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