Chinchilla Housing

by Joshua Paulson

A chinchilla condo is 30" x 24" x 24" and is our recommended minimum size for an adult chinchilla.

Your chinchilla’s home is one of the most important things you buy for them. It is their fort; their safe place; their comfort zone. As their caretakers, it is up to us to provide the safest environment for our pets. So what is best for chinchillas?

The Bigger, The Better...Right?

It is difficult to say what an appropriate minimum size cage for a chinchilla is. Nobody has done the study on what size a chinchilla is happier in- most of us assume a larger cage with more room to run around is going to be the best. A larger cage can fit more climbing ledges in it, has room for a wheel, nest box, and other enrichment type item, which provides a more engaging environment for a chinchilla. But it can also be more dangerous. An accidental fall will be worse in a larger cage than in a small one. Though adult chinchillas have very sure footing, young or disabled chinchillas do not. For chinchillas younger than 6 months, we suggest a cage no taller than 24".



The Quality Cage Chinchilla Mansion is 48" tall and can happily house up to 4 adult chins!

Cage Essentials

Chinchilla cages need to have lots of ventilation. It is not appropriate to keep chinchillas in a fish tank or other caging that prevents proper airflow. Chinchilla cages should be made from metal and chin-safe wood. They need to be constructed with your pet's safety in mind. Any ramps, ledges, or flooring needs to be solid to assure that little paws and legs cannot get trapped or hurt.

Provide a hide like our Chinchilla Nest Box to give your chinchilla her own bedroom in her house! Climbing ledges are fun for your chinchilla- and since you get to watch the acrobatics - they're fun for you too! A Chin Spin is another perfect cage accessory that ensures your chinchilla gets plenty of exercise.

There should be no plastic of any kind accessible to the chinchilla. Plastic can and has killed chinchillas after ingestion. 

You've Got Options

We know how special your chinchillas are. We are dedicated to ensuring our cages and all of their accessories are safe for your pets. If you don't see the size or style of chinchilla cage you would like for your pet- let us know! We have customized many cages for concerned owners looking for the perfect home for their special chin.

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Author: Joshua Paulson and Quality Cage Team
Josh is the owner and CEO at Quality Cage Crafters since 2015. During his time at Quality Cage Crafters he has been able to learn from tens of thousands of pet owners and pet educators. He blends his ambition for manufacturing and passion for animal care to create solutions for pet owners, breeders, animal rescues, and zoos. He has brought together a team of great animal lovers to create high quality pet care content for the Quality Cage Crafters audience.


  • Viktoria Avila

    Hello I would love to have a custom cage that can House 6 chinchillas. I would love it to have a separation of some sort though to keep males and females apart. I have two males and four females. Would love to send you a picture of what they are housed in as of now to give an idea of current situation. I do want to chin proof everything since they are currently in cages with plastic platforms. I’m tired of two cages and would love to have just one cage to clean. Possibly two exercise wheels for both sides and maybe four nest boxes for females.

  • Jill


    So as much as I like the idea of wood ledges (which I have) are there other options you sell or that are in the works ? Also how often should you change out the ledges due to bacteria growth? It will be a year in January since I’ve had the first round of ledges and am about to buy a new set due to different behaviors from one of my Chins nipping at his front paw a bit.. im concerned it could be a fungal infection of sorts and am monitoring closely . If you could let me know if there are other options for ledges that would be awesome. I hope to go through you in purchasing new ledges but I really hope there are other options at least in the works!

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