Chinchilla First Aid

by Joshua Paulson

What should be in your pet's first aid kit?

Before you bring home your chinchilla or other exotic pet, make sure you have a fully prepped first aid kit ready and handy. Or, if you already have pets at home, make sure you have a first aid kit and it has all the necessary items for quick care.

A few items are all that's needed to provide the best emergency care for the pets we love.

The full chinchilla first aid kit checklist

Starter kit.

Before you go any further with taking care of your chinchilla or other pet (these first aid kits aren't just for chinchillas) make sure you have a fully equipped first aid kit.

We always hope that nothing bad ever happens to our beloved pets, and for some lucky owners their chinchillas go years without any issues. We want to make sure that we are all prepped with the essentials in case something does happen.

Here is a checklist that we have put together based on the majority of our chinchilla community having in their first aid kits:

  • Bag Balm
  • Bene Bac
  • Blu-Kote
  • Liquid Tears
  • Infant Gas Relief
  • Instant Ice Pack
  • Oxbow Critical Care
  • Medicine Syringe and Dropper

It's necessary to know where the nearest exotic pet hospital is to you in case anything happens to your pet. Click the button below to find a VAC near you.

Your first aid kit can be as simple as this.

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Quality Cage Crafters Medical Bag Balm

Bag Balm

This stuff is amazing for Dry ears and paws!

If your chinchilla's feet are a little bit red and dry, but there are no cuts or open sores, then we recommend to just put some Bag Balm on them. It is designed for cow's udders when they get dry and cracked from too much milking. It is completely safe if your chinchilla licks it.

Just put a little bit on the affected area, massage it in, and wipe any excess with a tissue.


Blu-Kote is commonly used to treat ringworm. It is a fast-drying antiseptic wound dressing and is effective against pus-producing bacteria, common fungus infections, and ringworm.

Do not put Blu-kote directly in the eyes, mouth, nose or genitals.

CAREFUL: Anything and everything that this contacts will become purple.


Quality Cage Crafters Medical Blu-Kote - Fast Drying Antiseptic Wound Dressing

Liquid Eye Drops

Chinchillas are active and bounce all over the place. they also kick up hay, dust, and anything else in their cage. Sometimes things get too chaotic and they get objects in their eyes. These liquid drops are for that occasion when they have something in their eyes that's irritating them.

How to apply: with one hand, brace your chinchilla's head and neck firmly but gently. Use your thumb to gently secure your pet's eyelid, holding the eye open. Quickly squeeze the drops into your pet's eye, then repeat with the other eye if needed.

Feeding & Madicinal Dropper

Handy combo pack for administering food and medicines to small animals. Easy to read units of measure. Safe, non-toxic plastic Dropper.

  • Safe non toxic plastic
  • Easy to read measurements
  • Handy combo pack
  • 3ml dropper
  • 10ml syringe

Quality Cage Crafters Medical Feeding Syringe & Medicine Dropper

Instant Cold Packs

These are really good to have on hand. In some cases your AC could go out, we would never hope that happens, but if it does these can come in handy to keep your chinchilla cool temporarily.

These are also good to have on hand in case your chinchilla gets injured and has inflammation. As we mentioned before, it's important to know where the nearest exotic pet veterinarian so you can get your chinchilla to them for immediate attention.

Gas Relief Drops

Chinchillas are prone to bloating and is an extremely painful condition that occurs when gas becomes trapped in their digestive system. If the gas isn't dealt with by a veterinarian, their intestines could twist or their stomach and intestines can rupture. Both of these conditions could potentially be fatal.

As soon as you find an issue with your chinchilla, make note of the symptoms. Your vet will rely on this description of what your pet is experiencing, and how long symptoms have lasted.

These gas relief drops should provide comfort short-term, but as always, make sure you get a vet's opinion on whether the issues need more attention.

Quality Cage Crafters Oxbow Critical Care Pet Supplement


Absolutely critical for a sick chinchilla. Can be tube fed, assist-fed by syringe or spoon, or self-fed by the bowl or as top dressing

Critical Care is a premium recovery food which can be given to herbivores with poor nutritional status resulting from illness or surgery. This specially-formulated product contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet as well as high-fiber timothy hay to support proper gut physiology and digestion.

  • Designed specifically to support the needs of small herbivores
  • Powdered formula - just add water
  • High in fiber, no added sugar
  • High palatability
  • Apple Banana flavor

Thank goodness I had Oxbow Critical Care on hand. If I didn't and had to wait for shipping when I noticed Bess having trouble eating we probably would have lost her.

— Chinchilla Owner/Lover

We at Quality Cage Crafters want your chinchillas to thrive! If you have any questions on chinchilla substrate or any others regarding small pets, we are here to help!
Email us at

Author: Joshua Paulson and Quality Cage Team
Josh is the owner and CEO at Quality Cage Crafters since 2015. During his time at Quality Cage Crafters he has been able to learn from tens of thousands of pet owners and pet educators. He blends his ambition for manufacturing and passion for animal care to create solutions for pet owners, breeders, animal rescues, and zoos. He has brought together a team of great animal lovers to create high quality pet care content for the Quality Cage Crafters audience.


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