Are Chinchillas Legal in California? Do I need a permit?

by joshua paulson

If you're wondering whether or not chinchillas are legal in California, you're not alone. This is a common question that many people have. The golden state can be pretty strict about what pets you can have.

These are just some of the pets you can not legally own in California:

Are Chinchillas Legal in California? 

Thankfully, domesticated races of chinchillas are legal as pets in the state of California. This means that you can purchase and own one without any issues.

Do You Need A License To Own A Chinchilla In California?

There are many pets that California requires a license or permit to care for. But chinchilla owners are lucky. The answer is, no! The state of California does not require chinchilla owners to be licensed or permitted.

Where can you get a chinchilla in California?

There are a few options for finding your new furry friend:

  • A reputable chinchilla breeder in California
  • A Chinchilla Rescue in California
  • Classified sites such as
  • Pet stores in California (we do not recommend purchasing from pets stores!)

One of our favorite breeders is Sumiko over at Chinchilla Chateau. We interviewed her about her journey of breeding chinchillas as well as other critters in our blog.

Click here to read it!

California Chinchilla Breeders:

California Chinchilla Rescues:

If you know of any other resources we should add to these lists, let us know by clicking the button below!

How much does a chinchilla cost in California?

Well, this depends on where you buy it from. You should never purchase a chinchilla from a pet store, as these animals are often mistreated. Instead, look for breeders online or through word-of-mouth, or in Facebook groups such as California Chins Chinchilla Rescue Community. Chinchillas typically cost anywhere from $150-$350 depending on the supply and demand of the market, the breeder's popularity, and the time of year.

There are other costs to owning a chinchilla such as cages, food, toys, and some other accessories such as a dust bath and dust! We break down the costs for everything you will need in our blog Chinchilla Costs and how to account for them.


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