Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh Roll - Baby Saver 18" - 100ft -14ga

Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh Roll - Baby Saver 18" - 100ft -14ga

Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh Roll - Baby Saver 18" - 100ft -14ga

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Crafting a safe haven for your precious rabbits? Ensuring the safety of the youngest members of your rabbit family is crucial. Introducing our premium Baby Saver Wire Mesh Roll – meticulously designed to offer an extra layer of protection, ensuring your baby rabbits stay safely within the bounds of their home.

Key Features

  1. Tailored for the Young Ones: Unlike standard mesh, the Baby Saver Wire Mesh Roll features a unique design with tighter spaces at the bottom, preventing tiny kits from slipping through, thus saving them from potential harm.

  2. Generous Length for Customization: With a comprehensive 100 feet at your disposal, whether you're designing a compact home for a few or a sprawling mansion for a whole fluffle, this roll has got you covered.

  3. Optimal Mesh Design: While the bottom is crafted to keep baby bunnies secure, the rest of the mesh ensures ample ventilation and visibility, promoting a healthy environment and allowing you to keep an eye on your fur family.

  4. Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed with high-quality materials, this wire mesh is not only sturdy but also resistant to rust and wear, guaranteeing that your rabbit's home stands the test of time.

  5. Safety-Centric Edges: The smooth finishing on the wire edges means there are no sharp points that might pose a risk, ensuring that playtime and exploration remain safe adventures for your bunnies.

Why Our Baby Saver Wire Mesh Roll?

Store-bought cages often come with standard mesh designs that might not cater to the specific needs of baby rabbits. By opting for our Baby Saver Wire, you’re choosing a product that acknowledges the unique requirements of younger rabbits. The joy of watching baby rabbits grow is unparalleled, and the assurance that they are safe and secure amplifies this joy.

Building a cage with our wire means providing an environment where baby bunnies can play, rest, and grow without the risk of accidental slips and falls. It’s not just a product; it’s peace of mind in wire form.


Every rabbit owner knows the joy and sometimes, the challenges that come with nurturing baby bunnies. Our Baby Saver Wire Mesh Roll is tailored to make this journey smoother and safer. Invest in the best for your smallest companions and build a home where every bunny, no matter their size, feels safe and cherished. Happy crafting!

Customer Reviews

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Robert M.
My "Rabbit Wire - Baby Saver 18" was never shipped after waiting 47 DAYS

I ordered a 100-foot roll of 18” wire for rabbit cages from “QualityCage.com” and received confirmation of the order on April 8, 2024. 10 days later, I received a note stating, “Our hoomans want to remind you to be patient while they are working hard to make your products. They're doing a heckin' good job but he will need the full amount of time stated on the product pages as it said on our website.”

In an E-MAIL dated April 26 (18 days after the order confirmation), I received an E-MAIL from Owner, Josh Paulson, stating, "Thank you so much for your patience. I apologize for the delay we have been behind and short handed. My current estimate is to ship this on May 6th."

In a second E-MAIL received the same day (April 26) from Josh Paulson, he states, "My apologies for the delay! (order#) 15041 is scheduled to ship on May 8th."

On the stated delivery date, May 8, I received an E-MAIL from Josh Paulson stating, We have not forgotten you! Due to a high volume of orders this month, we're experiencing some issues getting products quickly on their way. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience! Your handcrafted products will be on their way soon." ... to which I immediately replied, "I doubt that the "Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh Roll - Baby Saver 18" - 100ft -14ga (order number is 15041)" is something that you actually make at your location... I assume that it is just drop-shipped from the manufacturer. In your attached note, you say that you wanted to provide me with an update... but I see no update. When should I expect to get a tracking number for Order #15041?"

After another 5 days (May 13), Mr. Paulson replied, "My apologies for the delay. Our manufacturer is running behind on the wire rolls. I have sent them an email today and will let you know what the estimated date for them to ship it to us is. Once its here we would ship to you immediately with a tracking number."

On May 20, I replied,"A week ago you said that you sent an E-MAIL to your wire supplier requesting an estimated date for the delivery of my pre-paid Order #15041 (Rabbit Cage Wire Mesh Roll - Baby Saver 18" - 100ft -14ga; ordered April 8). What was the response? (did you try calling them?)"

After 3 more days, there was no response from Mr. Paulson, so I resent the same note on May 23. Hearing nothing, I requested a 'charge back' on my Visa card which, based on the documented deficiency on the part of Mr. Paulson and "QualityCage.com" was processed immediately.

I cannot recommend Quality Cage or Mr. Josh Paulson. E-MAIL contact is the only method offered, and responses are slow, if at all. Responses are also mostly scripted, boiler-plate as evidenced by comments about "working hard to make your products" (the wire is not "made" by Quality Cage). Further, the wire roll being sold by Mr. Paulson was priced fairly, but unlike EVERY OTHER vendor of the same product, he offered FREE SHIPPING. The wire roll weighs about 60lbs and there is a significant UPS/FEDEX/USPO shipping charge by all other vendors. I suspect that Mr. Paulson, advertised this wire and then realized that he could not make a profit if it was shipped free as per his "Free shipping on orders over $49.95" offer, so simply doing nothing would eventually waste enough of my time, that I would go elsewhere after cancelling the order. He got his wish, but at least this review will live on to warn others at this site.