Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves

Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves

Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves

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Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves: Redefining Luxury for Your small & exotic animals.

Elevate the living experience of your petite pet with our Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves. Each shelf is crafted to transform their cage into a lavish dwelling, giving your small companion the home they deserve.

The Perfect Fit:

Specifically designed to be compatible with Midwest Homes for Pets Critter Nation and Ferret Nation cages, these shelves seamlessly fit different areas of the cage, attaching with a washer and wingnut fastener. For those wishing to infuse an element of playfulness, there are Full-length ledges, Corner Ledges, Door ledges, and ledges for the right and left side of the cage. 

Safety and Quality - Our Dual Commitment:

At the heart of our brand lies a non-negotiable commitment to your pet's safety. Distinctly different from generic shelves, we utilize furniture grade hanger bolts that are predrilled into the wood ledges and allow you to install with a washer and a wingnut easily. These ensure a secure, flush mount, eliminating any potential protruding hazards. Moreover, each wooden piece undergoes rigorous sanding to achieve a smooth finish, presenting soft edges for maximum safety.

Handcrafted in the USA using kiln-dried pine – a wood celebrated for its safety for all small animals – you're investing in a product that promises reliability, quality, and safety.

Versatile and Spacious Design:

These shelves aren't just about aesthetics. They've been conceptualized with your pet's needs in mind. From Ferrets to Sugar Gliders, Rats to Chinchillas, Degus, and more, these ledges cater to a wide range of small animals.

 Critter Nation Wood Shelf options:

  • Full-length Shelf - 35-3/8" Long and 7-1/4" Wide (With corner cutouts if you want to mount it by the very back wall.
  • Side Shelf - 22-3/4" Long and 7-1/4" Wide (With cutout to fit snugly in each back corner.
  • Door Shelf - 15-1/2" Long and 3-1/8" Wide  (Mounts to each door)
  • Corner Shelf - 7" x 7" (with Corner Cutout for the back corners)

In the realm of pet accessories, our Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves stand unparalleled. Whether it's about granting your little friend ample space to lounge, ensuring their safety, or offering a product that's high on quality, we've got you covered. It's not just a product; it's a testament to our promise of luxury, safety, and quality of life for your furry friend.

These ledges are also compatible with our Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Replacement Pan and Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Scatter Guards

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melissa M.
Chinchilla carrier and trays/ledges for inside chinchilla cage

We are very pleased with our new chinchilla carrier and tray/ledges for the inside of our chinchilla's cage. We even got the extra cage guards to keep the critter inside the cage. Everything fit perfectly and our chinchilla loves his new cage upgrade. The order does take some time before it gets shipped to you, but we are very pleased with it and will order from them again!

Rhys S.
Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Wood Shelves

The wood shelves are great. My chinchilla loves them, and it makes his enclosure look so much cleaner and natural!


Took 6 weeks to receive my order, pieces were not the correct length and the wing nuts sent with the order did not fit.