Organic Oat Groats - 1oz

Organic Oat Groats - 1oz Chinchilla Treat Quality Cage Crafters

Organic Oat Groats - 1oz

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Oat Groats Chinchilla

Whenever choosing chinchilla food, pet owners must keep this animal’s sensitive digestive system in mind. Luckily, oats are completely safe for these adorable creatures, provided you introduce them slowly and give them out in moderation.

Our 100% organic oat groats are packed with nutrients and won’t harm your chin’s delicate stomach. As an added bonus, they’re much crunchier than rolled oats, so your pet will have a field day eating them. Place up to five oat groats in its cage with other treats like goji berries or at the playground around chinchilla toys, and watch your little friend enjoy itself to the fullest.

To avoid side effects, only feed your chinchilla oat groats once or twice a week.

If you have chinchillas as pets for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by these rules and guidelines. But don’t worry, you’ll catch up quickly! After you buy a chinchilla, head to our shop to equip yourself with all the necessary chinchilla supplies, including oat groats, chinchilla litter box, and much more.


Are oats safe for chinchillas?

Yes, oats are safe for chinchillas, provided they’re given in moderation (once or twice a week) and after the first six months of life. Oats are often considered chinchilla treats since these furry animals love snacking on them. If you’re unsure how your chin will handle them, start slowly and look for any ill effects.

Can chinchillas eat oat flour?

In theory, chinchillas can eat oat flour. However, you should ground the oat groats yourself and only feed your chin a few oats worth of flour.

What is the difference between oat groats and oatmeal?

Oat groats are unprocessed oat kernels with the husk removed. Oatmeal, on the other hand, has been processed and cooked to reach its well-known consistency. Since oatmeal often contains added flavors and sweeteners, it isn’t safe for chinchillas.

What are oatmeal groats?

Oatmeal groats are whole oat kernels with the husk removed. They can be ground to various consistencies to be used for oat flour, oatmeal, and various other purposes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

My chin loves them and he’s pretty picky. Bag will last for a long time. Thanks!


My chin loved them! thank you :)

Krystal H.
Groats for the chins!

All three of my chinchilla love groats, I did not know this until I ordered some and let them try. Quality cage offers really nice sized treat options, and for that I am thankful! My chinchillas are left begging for more!



Mr. Woo Gives Paw Approval!

Mr. Woo loved the Oats. I was hand feeding but now I mix them in with his pellets. Of course, he picks through his pellets for the oats because he loves them and I know they are good for him. Thanks for a great product!

Joe B.
Great Quality per usual!

Our chinchilla goes crazy for these things!

Alison R.
Chin win

These are Willows absolute favorite. Every order clean and perfect.

Daniel C.
My chin loves these

My chinchilla enjoys eating these.

Alan P.

Good stuff

Danai M.

My baby loves them