Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb

Chinchilla Apple Sticks Wood Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Apple Sticks Wood Quality Cage Crafters

Chinchilla Apple Sticks - 1/2 Lb

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100% Natural apple tree sticks.

Apple sticks are great as an enriching chinchilla treat and for keeping trim teeth. They are a healthy part of a daily chinchilla diet.

You will receive an 8oz mix of sticks of various thicknesses. The wood is collected by hand from an organic and pesticide-free orchard, washed, and baked in the US making these sticks completely chinchilla safe!

Chinchillas will eat small twigs whole, but generally chew the bark off the thicker sticks and coins and revisit occasionally to chew on the wood center.

These are safe to give your chinchilla as often as you would like! We recommend at least 1-2 sticks per day. Wood chews help keep a rodent’s teeth from becoming overgrown, thus they make a great chinchilla dental treat. You can place them in hiding spots around the cage to give your furicane a challenge or place them right on top of the chinchilla food in the bowl! They are also great training treats to give as the last treat in a session so the chinchilla can have some good thinking time while he or she enjoys the bark on the wood!

Applewood is safe to give to chinchillas of any age.

Our apple sticks are also fantastic for degus, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils!

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Lynda C.
Chin Apple wood sticks

My Chin loves these !


So much fresher than other sources I've tried and definitely a hit with the chin 🤗

David B.
A lot more than I thought

I was expecting a lot less, never really thought about a half pound of sticks before but ya get a lot of sticks

Newly adopted chinchillas love these!

I ordered the Apple Sticks well before I adopted my 2 chinchillas from a rescue. The Apple Sticks are fairly uniform in size and crunch nicely. They both love these sticks!

Donald M.
Apple Sticks

All three of my chinchilla's love these as treats, even my very pick oldest one. The apple sticks are roughly all the same length, with a slight variety in thickness.

Applewood sticks and rose hips seems critical for dental health

We've had chinchillas for more that 30 years and currently have two. For the past 7-8 years, we have given APPLEWOOD STICKS in the morning, and ROSE HIPS before bed (in addition to Mazuri pellets every morning). We believe the applewood sticks and rose hips prevents dental disease associated with aging. Both chinchillas are is in perfect health and very active (ages 19 and 10).
Several previous chinchillas had dental disease--it is terrible for a chinchilla! Don't ever give raisins which will stick to the teeth and cause big damage! A tiny slice of apple or a tiny piece of kale are good treats.

Erika S.
Chins love these Apple Sticks

Great quality. My 3 chinchillas love these apple

Julia P.
The Best Apple Sticks

My Chinchilla Spike loves apple sticks and goes through them quickly. Quality Cage has the best deal around.

Noel W.
Best sticks

My chinchilla loves these sticks

Annie M.
Chinchilla Apple Sticks

Amazing! My chinchillas love them!!!