Quality Chinchilla Dust - 3lbs

Quality Chinchilla Dust Chinchilla Dust Quality Cage Crafters 3lbs
Quality Chinchilla Dust Chinchilla Dust Quality Cage Crafters 9lbs
Quality Chinchilla Dust Chinchilla Dust Quality Cage Crafters

Quality Chinchilla Dust - 3lbs

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Little Q gets her dust from the mines here in Idaho where Quality Cage Crafters does their thing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great Quality

All the brands I've bought in stores have glittery specks in them, while this one does not. It seems to be much better quality than the others. I will only be using this one from now on.

Kelly X.
Great Product

I have been using this chinchilla dust for the past few years, and it works great!

Kristen S.
Awesome product.

I have had issues with one of my chinchilla’s fur for a while after only a few uses with this dust her fur is back to normal. It also doesn’t leave a thick white coat on their fur like other dust does. Highly recommend this product.

Best Dust I've Used!

This dust was so nice! We had been using poof before. I used this dust and our chinchillas took an extra long bath! I think they could tell the difference. Their fur also looks nicer longer. Usually after 2 days one of our chinchillas looks grimy already, but this dust made his fur softer and cleaner and it lasted several days. I won't go back to the cheap pet store stuff. This chinchilla dust is the best!


Our chinchilla Evie, likes this dust the most out of all the dust she has had. It also is at a great price.

Best dust, so soft!

This dust is amazing quality. The dust itself is so incredibly soft, and leaves my chinchillas even softer than they already are! It's not at all gritty in the least bit, and not sparkly like those poor quality dusts sold in pet stores. Thanks so much Quality Cage for offering this top product! :) Choosing the right dust is important for the health of the chinchillas and us people, and this dust is the right dust!! I also like the packaging, that it's a re-sealable bag instead of a plastic tub, and I love the pic of the chinchilla on it lol. Thanks again.

The Best, F*** the Rest

It's just dust, really, but it's quality dust... can't go wrong with it, keeps my Chinchilla's clean and happy :)

Denielson S.

Love it!!

J. M.
good quality and fair price

Good quality chinchilla dust at a fair price. Will purchase again.

Thank you for the review on our chinchilla dust! We appreciate you :)

Angela W.
Chin dust

My allergies don't give me problems when she takes her bath. If you have allergies to dust and seasonal allergies I would recommend trying this out