Chinchilla Chin Chiller Granite Cooling Stone

Chinchilla Chin Chiller Granite Cooling Stone Accessories Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Chin Chiller Granite Cooling Stone Accessories Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Chin Chiller Granite Cooling Stone Accessories Quality Cage Crafters

Chinchilla Chin Chiller Granite Cooling Stone

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The chin-chiller is the perfect spot to keep your chinchilla cool and comfortable. This granite stone naturally maintains a surface temperature below room temperature. The chin-chiller is completely washable and can be placed anywhere in your pet's home to provide a cozy, cool relaxation spot. Chin-chiller also fits perfectly onto our wooden shelves.
  • Made of granite stone to keep chinchillas cool and healthy
  • Can be placed anywhere inside chinchilla's home
  • 6-Inch long, 10-inch wide
  • Convenient cooling stone helps prevent overheating and maintains comfort
  • Easy to clean

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Ryann W.
Worth the wait!

I was doing some research for a cage for my new chinchilla and found this cage! Yes the price is a bit high, but the cost of the mansion is so worth it. I want to make sure that my pets are always taken care of and can thrive. This cage took a little while to be made and shipped, but it was worth the wait. Our baby is thriving. It’s so easy to clean and easy to rearrange to keep things fresh. If I ever got a new chinchilla I would purchase again.

Chris D.
A must to have!

Quality Cage Crafters is the best! Always ship quickly and quality products! The cooling stone Is super important I have 2 in my three story kennel and my chinchilla is always sitting on them. Gives me piece of mine just in case the power goes out while I’m at work! They do stay cool.


Our chinchilla loves her cooling stone. Keeps her nice and cool on hot days


I’ve gotten this before, and I prefer the heavier thicker cooling stone, my one of my chins used to move this around their cage too often. But this is still a great option.

Great chin AC

These are great for hot days. I keep one in the freezer to rotate them out as needed.


Own a few of these as a precaution during times when it get's pretty hot out. Throw them in the freezer for an hour (or keep them there on reserve) and then pop into their cage, keeps them super cool and gives you relief that they aren't going to be overheating anytime soon.

High Quality Granite

Ordered this before from another vendor, I assume this is the same. High quality, Chin's love laying on it to keep them cool.

Kayleigh B.

I got my order of a mansion and some chin chillers a month ago, but didn't have chins yet, so I never opened the box... Until today. They aren't anywhere to be found. The other products are great, but I didn't get the 2 chillers I paid for and after buying the cage and chillers, the email responses were less frequent.

Angela W.
Chin chiller

On hot days it's a must I put ours in the freezer she loves it when its extra cold goes nuts and then lays on it to cool down way better then ice packs in fleece