Chinchilla Cage - Metal Shelf Guard

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Chinchilla Cage - Metal Shelf Guard

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Our metal shelf guards help keep your chinchilla’s untidiness inside their cage. Order a set for each 24" shelf along the side (depth) of the Chinchilla Home. 24" long back piece x 8" sides (extending forward) are 3½" high. Owners who have tried them say they love them! The galvanized steel back-plate and side pieces slip together without tools. Hog-ring them in place with your pliers.

24" long back piece x 8" sides (extending forward) are 3½"  The galvanized steel back-plate and side pieces slip together without tools. Hog-ring them in place by attaching to the wire walls of your cage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Does what it's supposed to!

These are great, we bought a few to keep our picky chins "discarded" hay in the cage so our ... Curious cats don't eat them off the floor and promptly throw them up. They work great!

Angela H.

The metal shelf guards are high quality and very easy to install. Will order again if I ever need more, but I have a feeling these will last for a very long time.

Linda C.F.
Metal shelve guards

Work excellent. Does the job it's supposed to do

As expected

Easy to put together. Seem sturdy. Hopefully they prevent my chinchillas from making such a mess! As some of the other reviews mention, it would be nice if they made it so the guards were easy to take off as well for cleaning purposes. Also, it took me almost 4 months and numerous emails to receive them.

Daniel C.
Pretty good, but could be better

The shelf guard does what I hoped it would, it blocks the poops from falling out the side of the cage. But, the corner pieces are very hard to put together and the clips that hold the guard to the cage have to be secured with pliers so disassembly will be hard. It would be nice to have some way to secure it to the cage that is easily removed, on par with the wingnuts that hold the shelves in place.

Denny C.
Great Guards

Got a couple of these since it was a pain to wood glue ledge covers. Make for awesome to help mitigate poo spillage :D

Rachel J.

The product took a while to get, but the quality was 100% worth the wait.

Zoe E.B.
Pretty good

As any chinchilla parent knows, there is poop everywhere all the time. The shelves do a pretty good job of keeping most of the poop in the cage. I think my guys are a little crazy so some manages to squeeze through the cracks. Easy to set up and gets the job done.

Almost perfect

These are great for keeping the majority of poop in the cage and off my floor. The only problem is my chins like to spray urine and this makes it difficult to clean the guards because they are semi-permanently attached to the cage via hog rings. I’m going to order the litter boxes and see if that helps my problems. Although I wish these were clip on or more easily removable like the shelves.

amy d.

Chinchilla Cage - Metal Shelf Guard