Metal Hay Rack

Sheet Metal Hay Rack Hay Racks Quality Cage Crafters
Sheet Metal Hay Rack Hay Racks Quality Cage Crafters

Metal Hay Rack

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5" or 9" wide hay rack easily fits on our 1" x 1" wire or 1" x 2" wire cages.

Galvanized steel finish, with attachment wires which are easily bent to attach to wire cage wall.

Customer Reviews

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Zack H.

This hay rack was a wonderful choice and is chew proof! Very happy with it.

Emmett F.
Chew-proof construction, not without flaws

I got the 9 inch hay rack, and when it arrived, the wire was uneven on either side, so I had to even them out in order to attach them to the cage, which was difficult to do because it is very sturdy, thick wire. Also, I don't know if it's just because my chin does this, but quite a bit of hay still ends up on the floor outside and inside of her cage, possibly because she digs through it at night when I'm not watching. So, still pretty messy, but better than just putting hay in a cardboard box on the floor of the cage or on one of her shelves.

Nifty place to put the hay

Great for holding the hay in our chinchilla's cage. We have some metal bowls they eat hay/pellets out of as well, but they enjoy standing up to dig through the hay or even standing on top of it! This seems to be a better holder since it won't bend and break over time when they put their weight on it!

Shu L.

Sheet Metal Hay Rack

Love this hay rack!

This hay rack is great quality and helps reduce the mess inside the cage! My chinchilla also seems to eat more of his hay now that is has been lifted off his wooden shelf and stays clean.

Gabrielle B.

Sheet Metal Hay Rack

Perfect hay rack

Makes my life so much easier knowing my chinch always has access to hay

Daniel C.

Sheet Metal Hay Rack

Good add-on to chinchilla cage

Very easy to set it up. Keep the hay organized and clean. Hay refill is a breeze as there is no need to open the cage. The only downside is that it makes the floor a bit messy. When my chin pulls out the hay, hay debris drops through cage bars and lands on the floor outside of the cage.

Jenna G.

This is huge. A lot bigger than I thought it would be my chins are still small so I think it’s a little big for now but will be perfect when they are older.