$ 239.99

Quality Cage Crafters breeding run consists of 3 holes which are separated with a single wire wall, or with a 4" Hay Rack. 



  • The door openings are lined with METAL door guards to protect the breeders arms and the chins fur. Hinged doors are line with 10ga wire for long term durability.
  • Slide out tray for each hole, each equipped with a swing arm lock so your chins cannot push their way to escape.
  • Optional Hay Rack divider provides separation of females and reduces waste of hay.
  • Run is 5"x5" and has jump holes mounted for each hole, allowing the male chin to enter and exit, but keeping the female in her hole.
  • Carry handles mounted to each side of the run allow for easy moving of the entire unit.

Cage ships in a Knocked Down or folded state. It is only 4" tall when folded. After un-boxing it unfolds and requires some J-clip assembly .Clips are included. Our J-clip pliers are sold separately.

Designed in collaboration with Narcissus Kimball at Ace's Up Chinchillas.