The Crafters

Our Company Culture


We have a team of truly awesome people and a culture that encourages the growth of every individual, both personally and professionally. We are an ever-changing group of small animal pioneers. When it comes to cage making we are uncompromised, and when it comes to helping animals, we are relentless.

Our culture is built around the things we as a company value. Being so small really allows us to define what that is.


Core Values


Happiness Knowledge Quality Safety




Joshua Paulson
Joshua Paulson - President / CEO
Favorite Quote: "Everyone is a mentor."

Favorite Things:
  • Product Creation
  • Cheese Making
  • Reading Books
  • Taking notes, knowledge is fleeting.


Travis P. - Production Manager
Favorite Quote: "Life is reflected by the decisions you make."

Favorite Things:
  • Football
  • My Kids
  • Camping
  • Cooking
 Travis P.


Klarisa T.
Klarisa T. - Communications & Marketing Manager
Favorite Quote: "Life is good."

Favorite Things:
  • Traveling
  • Meeting New People
  • Camping / Hiking
  • Reading